Why did I switch to Brave? My unpleasant experiences with google chrome! #SwitchToBrave

Well, I would like to share the reasons why I switched to the brave browser, leaving the use of google chrome.

When I started cryptocurrencies, I made a lot of faucets. Using google chrome my eyes hurt and patience burst from waiting for a page to load. Opening a faucet site on google chrome is like loading 100 tons on your back. I faced absurd slowness with so many ads on pages and ended up giving up the faucet. (Slow and overloading ads)

My faucets with Brave x google chrome




ps. I won't expose the pornographic content ads that google chrome displays.

A second reason, even embarrassing generated by google chrome, is the advertisements of some pornographic sites. Yes, this is embarrassing! I was trying to teach a friend how to make faucets, and an immoral advertisement popped in the middle of the screen, displaying google chrome ads, which was totally disconcerting. When I heard about his brave and his own adblock, my eyes sparkled, it was all I wanted to find!

My results:

By using the brave browser, I started faucets much faster and taught my friends without fear of pornography suddenly appearing. Fast and objective! Brave is being referred to me when I do computer formatting services for clients, as Brave is now part of my format installation program. Usually I explain to the client its benefits, which is speed, privacy, security and others.

So here's a sequence of images of how I feel about Brave and how I felt about google chrome:






















Thanks brave saves a computer from exploding by overloading ads produced by google chrome.

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