03 Cryptocurrencies that will explode soon

03 Cryptocurrencies that will explode soon

Some market analysts are watching a signal of 03 cryptocurrencies that will reach their maximum! According to them, these currencies are showing signs that they will reach their next historic mark. These are: "VeChain (VET), Filecoin (FIL) and Cardano (ADA)"!

What are the analyzes on them?

The article says that VeChain (VET) can jump 20%, she adds:

"With regard to VeChain (VET), analyst Akash Girimath, from FXStreet, pointed out that the current price of the token, $ 0.08, suggests a continuation of its strong rise. This is because, according to him, VET managed to break through the supply barrier successfully.

On Friday morning (19), the crypto reached its most recent ATH of $ 0.085. As the analyst pointed out, the VeChain price created two higher highs and three lower lows.

According to him, the 133% increase since the last reaction low is about to reach a third high.

Girimath explained that this movement brought an increase in the bullish momentum that increased the market value of the crypto by 15%.

In addition, although the price chart has formed a correction pattern, VeChain's price has managed to rise 8%. "

What is said about Filecoin

She says: "Another cryptocurrency with potential for high prices is Filecoin (FIL). According to analyst Crispus Nyaga, from InvestingCube, the price of FIL has shown a strong upward trend recently.

“[FIL] has gone up almost 300% since December last year. In fact, it has almost doubled in the past seven days, bringing its market value to more than $ 4.58 billion. This propelled him into the top 20 of the most valuable cryptocurrencies in the world, ”he noted.
Nyaga commented that this increase coincided with the recent news from GrayScale to offer new funds that will allow institutional investors to invest in FIL.

FIL's performance is indeed remarkable. In the past seven days, the token has appreciated by more than 90%, reaching a high of $ 96 on Wednesday. It is currently trading at $ 82.

It is worth mentioning that FIL has already been traded at around US $ 200 on the day of the launch of its mainnet on October 15th.
At the time, the value of the token skyrocketed from about $ 25 to $ 200, but then dropped to about $ 70.
Since then, the price has fluctuated between $ 20 and $ 60 to the most recent $ 96 ATH. "

What is said about Cardano

Carding her in turn also on the way up, he says: "He explained that Cardano had a big move towards the previous high of $ 1.48. However, he suffered a setback to the support level, which the bulls they managed to hold in. According to him, an area between $ 1.34 and $ 1.36 holds a 2.69 billion ADA volume of almost 50,000 addresses.
Therefore, a break above this point should push Cardano to $ 1.48. The next target price is located at US $ 1.87, that is, approximately R $ 10.23. "

These are analyzes that can make a difference for those who also follow these 03 cryptocurrencies.

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