RSA - A small daily exercise to push your self-confidence and your own value

Today, I want to tell you about a small exercise another patient and I do every evening before going to sleep. The goal of the exercise is that you reflect on your day and the things that happened in a shortterm effect. And in a longterm effect this exercise could be used to help you gain more confidence. 

Before I start, I dont know if there is any literature about this exercise or something similar. 

The exercise RSA (Reflection, Successes, Acknowledgments) starts with the reflecting part where you write down how you felt from morning to evening and what happened during the time, but without judging or evaluating if the situation was the problem or if it was good or bad. For instance <<In the morning i felt good and motivated when i woke up to a blue and sunny sky.>> or <<I was feeling a little down when I saw another patient wasn't feeling very well>>. Try short descriptions and build sentences like you would describe something to a friend. 

The next part about the successes of the day can be written in a positive and motivating way, e.g. <<Today I woke up and right after washing my face I made my bed and didn't go to sleep there until the evening. That success felt very good>> or <<Yesterday i had the goal to read today for an hour and im proud that i accomplished that.>>

The last part is the toughest for me, always. The acknowledgment part, where you write down where you recognized yourself as a human being or are recognized by others for your behaviour or the way you are. 2 examples from my exercisses <<I didn't let me drag myself down after somebody that is really important to me said some things that made me feel bad.>> (I recognised myself as important enough to care for me) or <<Another patient told me that I'm quite funny>>.

With these small steps every evening, you will have a small collection of literature about yourself with 2 positive parts, that you can read everytime you notice that your mood goes in a dark place or you feel worthless or not confident enough. The reflection part is also a good hint over some days if your mood gets better or worse. If it gets worse and you are able to do so, talk to friends, family, a help line or a doctor. Depression and other psych problems are not a thing to be ashamed about. 

I hope some off you could use this exercise to gain some positive feelings. And don't forget, you are never alone with your problems. We are more than 7 billion people and everybody has some problems.


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Stefan's therapy blog
Stefan's therapy blog

Hey, my name is Stefan and i'm currently in a stationary psych ward because of depression and some bi-polar tendencies. I just want to post some stuff around my therapeutic stay.

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