😱Steemit has Deleted My Account?!?😱

 I have recently discovered that my account has been hidden on the Steemit website and to be honest it comes as no surprise due to the centralised nature of Steem nowadays, i am assuming the reason was because my posts had links and references to Hive.


Most people know about the fiasco that occured when Justin Sun "bought" the Steem blockchain, i put bought in quotes because it was really a hostile takeover that was achieved with the help of centralised exchanges like Binance and Huobi, this however turned out to be a blessing in disguise though it may have left a bad taste in alot of peoples mouths including mine.


I do not intend to challenge the discision that was made to completely censor my account and
i don't even know if any other front ends exist nor do i care, this is because there is a far superior product that offers more than Steem could ever imagine and it is called Hive.


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Steemit has Deleted My Account?!?
Steemit has Deleted My Account?!?

Steem is quite possibly the most centralised piece of trash ever...

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