Hive Hits an All Time High?!?

A lot Hive hodlers woke up to a nice surprise today as Hive reached an all time high of $1.04 and to alot of people this actually came as no surprise because they see the value that this amazing project provides. 


Hive has come a long way since its creation and even to this day it is beating back malicious actors, Hive has also rightfully surpassed Steem in marketcap which only makes sense as it is providly more secure and decentralised than the aforementioned Steem blockchain.


Though we have reached this all time high the ride is far from over and there really is no limit to where Hive could go in terms of price, even now a sub $1.00 price for Hive is a steal, the people and developers on this blockchain keep proving that this is a fantastic platform to be on and this will undoubtly continue long in to the future.


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Hive Hits an All Time High?!?
Hive Hits an All Time High?!?

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