Financial goals 2021 - The update.

By niallon11 | HIVE Blockchain | 25 Mar 2021

Back in January a lot of us set out our financial goals for the year ahead. Since day 1 on the blockchain I have been setting and achieving growth targets to make things more interesting.

It's adds that little bit of motivation which we all need in life to stay going and turn up even when you don't always want to.

The difference between winning and losing comes down to putting in those extra few hours and going a step further than everybody else.

You can see that the most successful people on here right now do very well for themselves.

You might also see how they turn up every day and put in the work. They used that extra time to produce more content, make more connections and learn more about what is happening.

That is how how they got "lucky".

Anyway, we all did up some lovely optimistic posts and set out the targets for the year. You can check it out below.


How will I achieve my goals?


Any goal that you set yourself should be SMART,

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timed

I think that mine are challenging but achievable over the course of the year.


REF: Pixabay.


What are those targets?


They were very straightforward and all hive related. I won't go into any of my other tokens in this post but focus on my main efforts here.

  • 100k Hive Power ( From 50k )
  • 5k LEO power ( From 2.5k )
  • 5k CTP power ( From 2.2K )

And a late addition as it didn't even exist at the time,

  • 5k $CUB staked to the den.


However, it has been so busy in my life at the moment that I haven't thought about it since or drawn up any sexy graphs lately.

I said to myself that this needs to change.

So sexy graph number 1.



I know what your thinking!!!

That must have been some post on paddy's day to jump 4k in HP but you're wrong.
I didn't make a post that day.
I just got drunk and thought it would be a great idea to keep buying HIVE.

To me though, the sexiest graph is the one to the right with a lovely consistent effort every day to earn with a much higher average than my last time around. This puts me over 70k now and with a realistic chance of hitting my HP target by 2022. This came from a slight little 1500% pump in CHZ that I used to buy more hive and a little $CUB.

The whole reason behind this is building a stake to do the hard work for me. I have seen how much you benefit exponentially as your stake grows and want to be as strong as possible while development ramps up on the chain.

Your earning power, your influence, opportunities, airdrops all increase as you grow your hive balance.

I delegate out my hive to earn more leo and grow the two tokens at the same time. I keep buying index and earn more CPT from holding them. Your stake compounds your earning and spreads your influence across the whole eco-system. It is hugely important to keep stacking up those tokens for the future and benefit from all of the activity on hive.

In my opinion, selling this early in the game is a big mistake as we stand to do very well by adding as many tokens as possible right now and watch them keep growing into the future.

I made a statement on last week and it holds very true for me.

My aim in crypto is to create $100 dollars a day in passive income.
I don't need to be rich, I just need to be free.
Everything that I do in this area is with that goal in mind. It could take ten years to get there or two depending on my choices but my thinking is long term growth. Keep earning, keep investing, keep creating revenue streams.

This is what I aim for. Earning enough to life freely and without the need to work to survive. Instead I would be able to make decisions on my own terms and not from necessity.

I think that hive, leo and $CUB will get me to that point in the future.

Monthly round up.

I'll do extra sexy graphs for next month to show my progress but the numbers will have to tell their own story for now.


  • HP ( 71000 / 100000 )
  • Leo ( 4175 / 5000 )
  • CTP ( 2740 / 5000 )
  • CUB ( 1205 / 5000 )

Overall I am very happy with my progress for the past two months. I have been posting consistently and growing nicely.

I did buy more hive but that was always in the plans with the bull run. Make some gains on other tokens and convert to hive.

I used this to delegate to the leo.voter and speed up that account growth as I think that they will have a massive year and with all the burns that will happen could make $10 this year.

I would like to get more active in CTP as they have such a good group of users and lots of interesting ideas for growth. If I do need to make one change it will be to lean into their direction a bit more often.

As for $CUB???
We don't really know how that will all turn out but I'm willing to bet on the team behind it. If they can keep building in the direction that they have been for the past two years then this could be a game changer. We are in early enough to get a good stack of tokens and get decent yields. If it becomes a $100 token then I just need to be earning 1 per day to quit my job.


Is this realistic?
Maybe not.
Am I willing to take that chance.


At the moment I am earning about 40 per day so when we get more users and APR drops then it might only be a few. However with all of the use case on the way then that could be enough.

Anyway. I will keep this going on a monthly basis form now on and keep my goals firmly in front of me.

If you want to do the same then let me know as I love to see others setting targets and growing every month.

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