Earning money online is possible. I won't even scam you.

By niallon11 | HIVE Blockchain | 10 Dec 2020


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I know as well as you know how many scams and false promises there are online. I spent a long time sifting through them to find ways to supplement my income by merging my time online with additional sources of earning.

It is possible to just take on more jobs and more hours for some extra money but i already work a physical job for 40+ hours a week and can feel the strain of that on my body. Combined with taxes, travel and the year that is in it. More physical work might not be the best way for you either.

After trying multiple different sites like fiverr, filling out surveys for a few dollars and every other publishing a few books for kindle I stumbled upon a gem in the rough.

A new and exciting way to add a few dollars every week while having fun and learning new things. It almost sounded too good to be true.

The reality is that it was too good to be true. There are very few things in life that just magically give you money and you can retire early to the island of your dreams. Bar winning the lotto or travelling back in time to buy 10c bitcoin/apple stocks you will have to put in the work and build investments and multiple sources of income.

The good news however that with the emergence of bitcoin, blockchain technology and web3 sites is that you can create a source of income straight away without building your own website, becoming a YouTube sensation, learning new skills or getting scammed out of savings.

The bad news is that it will take some time, effort and persistence to do so with a reasonable amount of success.

Crypto gives us lots of new opportunities to earn from our activities online in small amounts. The only question is whether you are willing to learn new skills and can navigate the rise and falls of the market to turn it into a reasonable amount.


I am earning crypto just from writing this article.


How much depends on how popular it is and how much attention it gains. Just like any other social media. The difference here is that you can just sign up and write. No marketing, no coding skills, no begging family and friends to read it.

You can also start earning some crypto just from commenting at the end of it as i will reward the followers that interact with my work.

This article is being written on which is a website with it's own crypto token. (LEO)



That website is built onto a blockchain called HIVE which has it's own token. (HIVE) Check out for more information



Hive blockchain distributes hive tokens every single day based on the votes of the users holding(staking) hive.

I own X amount of HIVE and can distribute Y amount of hive every day to the people that I vote for on the different websites linked to the hive blockchain like Leofinance which I am on right now.

If you comment on this article then I will give you a vote and distribute some of that crypto to your account.

If you stake those rewards to your account then you will have X amount of tokens and will be able to give out Y amount of votes going forward.

Bear in mind that your X and Y will be a lot smaller than mine as I have staked a lot more tokens to my account which gives me bigger rewards.

The benefit for me giving out those votes is that I get the same amount rewarded back to my account as I give out.

It might sound complicated to begin with but the more you get used to the system, the easier it gets. You can sign up through twitter and get a free account in seconds.

As soon as you have an account and start getting votes, you are now earing crypto just for your online interactions on any hive based website. And there are lots of hive based websites for sport, science, creative content, gaming....ect. This just happens to be the financial one but your work will show up on all of the relevant ones to your tags.

This is the best example of a web3 based site that is out there at the moment and a future where we will start to turn our attention into income. It's a valuable commodity and one which sites are going to have to pay for in the future.

Why give it away for free when you can be rewarded for it?

This is an example of how to grow an account long term on the blockchain and turn it into a future source of revenue. It will take time to earn and grow enough for it to become worthwhile and will not happen overnight. If you have knowledge to share then you should start writing and try to earn more votes than you will for just a comment.

Alternatively since these tokens that you are earning as rewards are crypto then you can use them to buy, sell trade against other items or cryptos on the market.

One of the main benefits to earning crypto tokens is that they are very flexible and can be used for various sites, games, investments, purchases with the right knowledge to so so.

My advise for anybody stepping into crypto for the first time would be to read and learn as much as possible first of all.

Comment and ask questions to the authors on this site.

Be engaged with the new information and new technology.

Earn from your activity and from there build up your account to a higher level of stake. Once you have staked enough tokens, your earnings will be noticeable and you can then use those earnings for other purposes with your new knowledge in hand and try to expand it to other areas of crypto without risking your stake on the hive blockchain.

This is how you create a sustainable source of income over time and invest into new technologies free of risk.

All you need is time, persistence and a willingness to learn new things.

Honestly, since I have gotten involved on HIVE day 1 with zero knowledge it has been the best thing i have done in years and taught me so many new and interesting things. This is earning money online while having great fun and educating myself as i go.

What's not to love?

If you do decide to take on a new path and start earning some crypto, make sure to ask me lots of questions in the comments and i can save you some time from my experiences.

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