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By niallon11 | HIVE Blockchain | 30 Nov 2020 is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges complete with a very smooth and user friendly app. I have posted about their crypto debit card in the past which I am a huge fan of and use as my go to debit card at all times.

It earns me around $20 per month in CRO tokens just from transferring a bank transfer once a month and using it as normal after that.

You can read more about it in my previous post.


It is very sexy to be fair and since that day in June has earned me over $100 in CRO tokens. Those I have re-invested back into a saving scheme on the app that pays out 16% dividends.


Making my crypto work for me.

I also had some bitcoin on the app as I use it to dollar cost a bitcoin buy every week which was then being moved to a ledger every month. With the price of bitcoin rising however the price of CRO tanked for some strange reason so I took a chance to arbitrage the difference.

With bitcoin riding high near the 20k mark this month, the token has plummeted from 15c down to 6c.


I might be wrong but i don't see the price staying at these level for long with such a useful coin and all of the development that has come form the team this year. They have increased their reach worldwide and increased their offerings on the exchange at the same time.


For me it's worth the risk of converting some bitcoin and trying to catch the rise to buy more bitcoin before xmas. Until then I intend to make those tokens work for me while they are sitting on my phone. I will be looking for at least 3x gains before converting back to bitcoin and storing safely for the future.

These aren't huge amounts but my CRO in the supercharger is currently worth $250 and rising. While waiting for my hopeful gains I decided to try out the latest feature on the app.


This is a feature for users to stake CRO into a secure liquidity mining platform on the app for up to 30 days and receive a portion of that token. So far they have given out Uni and Polkadot, with this months offering conveniently being Bitcoin.


So while waiting to buy more bitcoin I will actually be able to mine some bitcoin with the CRO I am sitting on for that exchange.

This is my idea of making your money work for you, which is how i want to set myself up on a much bigger scale over the next few years.

There are no fees and you can opt out at any stage. Rewards will be calculated based on how many tokens you had in for how long. No lock in period.

BTC on Supercharger App and Exchange users will receive BTC as rewards for depositing CRO tokens into the Supercharger pool.
The BTC Supercharger event will commence on Sunday, 29 November 2020 on the App and Exchange.
Users who participated in the DOT Supercharger event, which ends on 29 November 2020 at 10:00am UTC, can keep their CRO deposit in the Supercharger pool to be automatically carried over to the BTC event.


  • Reward: USD 250,000 allocation
  • Supported Deposit Token: CRO

Event timeline:

Charging Duration: 12:00pm 29 November - 12:00pm 29 December 2020 UTC

Reward Distribution: 10:00am 31 December - 10:00am 30 January 2020 UTC

Ref: blog


For me it's a win-win as having crypto sitting on an exchange being idle is a wasted opportunity in a space booming with earning potential. The only thing that i want sitting idle is any bitcoin that is kept offline for it's security.


Even if you have no interest in staking or mining on the app, i fully recommend getting the debit card and start earning CRO as a reward. It has served me very well up until now and i couldn't say enough good things about the app and the exchange that they are operating.

If you do decide to jump in, these are my referral details. I'll never say no to extra crypto.


Use my referral link:
to sign up for and we both get $50.
Referral code is [ h9sm6npumy ]
CRO stake required for first few months.


While there is a free card, I staked 2500 CRO tokens to get the slightly higher spec card. There are a lot of different levels as you can see below but staking the MCO unlocked a $50 dollar bonus that I wasn't going to turn down.



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