Wunzo: A Treasure Chest for Cryptocurrency & Board-Games Enthusiasts

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Blockchain and crytocurrency have proven that they are a revolutionary technology whose impact and potentials have already been clearly quite remarkable and promising. Are you talking finace or gaming? investment or documentation?blockchain and cryptocurrency have proven to be revolutionary in all these field. A lot of businesses have utilized this technology to revolutionize what they do.

Introduction to Wonzo

Wonzo is a blockchain solution that combines the idea of long term investment in cryptocurrency and popular board games to set up a perfect ground for anyone from anywhere around the world to seamlessly utilize to their very advantage. Wonzo blockchain powered gaming solution is centered around three categories of users which includes;

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  • Rollers: These category of users includes those whome are good and familiar with board games such as Poker and Ludo. These are games that are developed based on competitive rewards mechanism and embedded into Wonzo ecosystem, in these kinds of games, the winner will always take all as we know traditionally.

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  • Croupiers: These users are simply the owners of the tables in which Rollers are utilizing to place their bets, making the tables a breeding ground for money that belongs to the Croupiers. With this idea, NFT enthusiasts do not need to purchase NFTs in order to make profit off them, rather they purchase NFT Tables and set them up as playground for Rollers in exchange for a certain fee that will be settled from the winners prize.

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  • Shareholders: Wonzo is based on an innovative approach and concept that provides investors with safe tools and choices to aid the generation of passive income. The Shareholders are users that just want to be chilling while making profits from their staked token investments. Wunzo's tip jar is the major source of funds for the shareholders, where 50% of Wonzo's earnings are deposited in it.

Wonzo developed an rewarding XP system that will encourage Rollers for their engagements and consistency while also enhancing their experience. What happen is that as they reaches a certain level of experience, they advanced to a next level which comes with quite a good reward.

Wunzo's Ecosystem in Brief

Wunzo's ecosystem is one that imbibed the core blockchain vision of transparency and trust to actualize a healthy ecosystem that promotes a steady assets value. As Rollers are enjoying their games and making profits, they are utilizing NFT tables that generates profit for Croupiers, Wonzo ecosystem and her Shareholders.

Wunzo's Features

Wonzo offer players a remarkable entertainment alongside a huge profit making potentials with the integration of it unique features which includes;

  • The Jackpot: This features offers users a fun way of making huge returns from a very little investment, all that is required is a little bit of luck and a player will become strikingly rich for a life time after winning a huge pile of money.

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  • Clash: This feature powers a monthly tournament in Ludo and Poker, where Rollers are engaged in competing to the final stage in order to win a chunk of reward.
  • Bots: With the availability of Wonzo's API, Rollers whome are too busy can simply develop bots either for their personal usage or even for a paid usage by the public. These bots are AI tools that are automated to implement strategies on users behalf. This feature also provides a perfect opportunity for developers to make money from developing and selling bots.
  • Store: Wunzo store is reponsible for powering Wunzo's items, which players goto purchase exclusive items that can enhance their experience. The store also powers Trading market where users can seamlessly trade NFT tables.

Wunzo's Token(WNZ)

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WNZ in minted in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem with this smart contract, the token is minted with a maximum supply of 50,000,000 WNZ. The token is one of the primary token that is used for all settlement (games staking/winnings, NFTs sells/purchases) within Wunzo ecosystem. The tokens also represents voting rights when stacked by Shareholder users.

Wunzo's Tokenomics

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Wunzo Project Development Roadmap

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In Conclusion

Wunzo is a remarkable product whose solution will certainly one that many enthusiasts in blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem will seem to really appreciate. Be one a gamer or an investor that cares about having fun around the world while your money works for them, Wunzo is a DeFi product for you to utilize and make passive income from your investments. Do follow the links i provided below for much more insights into Wunzo's project idea, thanks.

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