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By thefreethinkeer | StartUpInsider | 29 Sep 2022

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The world is gradually accomplishing its transition from the traditional industry to the blockchain technology. Everyday, numerous projects and ideas are projected into the blockchain space that makes life easier for users. However, the recent problem face is the reliability of those projects which sometimes become questionable. According to research, 7 out of 10 of new projects and ideas accomplish there mission and vision, while the rest do not make it to standard.

Polkastation is here to bring a reliable wide range of trusted services to users that will enhance their financial stability. Polkastation is in operation with technology and improved technologies like NFTs, Gaming engines, and DeFi protocols for the good of the people. The goal is to remain the topmost in the market forever with sustainability and stable projects in the blockchain space.

Introduction to Polkastation

Polkastation is a digital platform that has its own blockchain built on Polkadot ecosystem that allows multiple transactions to be carried out accordingly. Polkastation uses the Polkadot blockchain as its foundation. It is a project existing in the blockchain space that brings together multiple specialized chains into one network.


All products and applications of Polkastation are available on its own blockchain with enhance scalability. Going further, Polkastation offers a large variety of products and services, from classic DeFi protocols to the most trending Move-To-Earn games and NFT marketplace.

Polkastation Ecosystem Products & Services

Polkastation Blockchain: This is a blockchain based on polkadot next-generation blockchain protocol that provides security, scalability, and a high tendency of intereoperability. The blockchain is use for transferring any type of data or assets through different chains in the polkadot network. The blockchain also offers transactional scalability that makes it easy to make transactions across multiple parallel blockchain. Polkastation blockchain consumes only a portion of energy compared to other conventional Proof of Stake (PoS). The Polkastation blockchain operates on the nomination Proof-of-Stake (NPoS) consensus mechanism, and also consuming less energy with a shallow carbon footprint.


Polkastation DEX: This product by Polkastation is a decentralized exchange for tokens of various standards that allows users to trade and make profit on the polkadot network. Polkastation exchange makes use of Automated Market Marker (AMM) model which carries out trade against liquidity pools. Polkastation DEX is user-friendly and easy to use. A user can simply add liquidity to pools to have easy functioning of the AMM engine which in return the user recieves LP tokens as rewards.

Walk-to-Earn Games: This is a product of Polkastation. With the coming of gaming, NFTs have become a medium of exchange, rewards, and payment in metaverse systems. Polkastation bring together the strength of blockchain technology and NFTs to render Walk-To-Earn (M2E) games that provides actual momentary benefits to gamers. While the traditional games allows owner/developers to cash in on players only engaging in gaming, Polkastation M2E shifts ownership towards the gamers. This makes gamers enjoy realistic Gaming experience and make monetary benefits.

Yield Farming: This is another product of Polkastation. Polkastation does not need intermediaries to carry out trade with the help of the farm. Yield farming is the period a liquidity providers wait for assets price to rise. Polkastation ecosystem supports yield farming as it benefits everyone in the market by increasing liquidity. It also makes assets price stable and secure.


Start Pools: This is a product that earns tokens for free through staking amount of Polkastation token in the pools to earn more tokens without doing anything. Polkastation start pools shares crypto tokens to wide range of audience while allowing the token holders to earn passive income thereby creating a win-win situation for both projects and token holders. The earnings are distributed without any human intervention to token holders with smart contracts automated. Once a user connect to the Polkastation platform, he can start staking his voice to the start pool with only a few of 2%.

NFTs Marketplace: NFTs are the trending topics in blockchain space with its wide users from tokenization of real life assets to royalty/monetization for content creators and artists. Polkastation ensures it trends with the launch of its NFT marketplace where artist create and mint their NFTs and sell them. All that is needed for the artist is to create a portfolio on the Polkastation platform and sell in the marketplace. An artist can view his minted NFTs on the "my NFT artwork section " on the dashboard. Once you have a buyer, the order is staked in the order pool to be executed. Polkastation also allows the artist stake his Genesis NFTs.

Launchpad: This is another service of Polkastation that provides two types of fundraising mechanism; INO (initial NFT offering), and IDO (initial DEX offering). The Initial NFT Offering (INO) is a fundraising mechanism provided by Polkastation launchpad that is like ICOs or STOs but with the NFTs up for sales rather than fungible tokens. The mission of INO is to take projects with innovative ideas to a wider current community of audience. It helps the project this finds with simple access to liquidity even before projects are fully functional. While the Initial DEX Offering (IDO) is use to list projects in DEX to raise funds. Polkastation DEX makes IDO seamless while running IDO projects on Polkastation even after vetting schedule processes. Polkastation also allows users to lock their funds to earn tokens with a fixed project token price. Polkastation further helps in distributing the tokens to investors through smart contracts during the token generation event (TGE).

Prediction Market: This is decentralized and easy to play market that allows a user to test his analytical skills by predicting the price of assets. For example, if the user predicts that an asset price to rise, if it does rise, the user is rewarded. But if it does not not rise, the user losses. Polkastation also has a revenue model that offers the best way to improve revenue stream in web 3.0 space. It has several revenue generating protocols to Polkastation community members or POLKA token holders to earn revenue in the following ways:

Liquidity Pools: POLKA token holder can earn from Polkastation through the liquidity pool. A user simply trade liquidity on connecting his wallet and adding POLKA token to the liquidity pool on returns for LP tokens. The LP tokens represents the contribution to the addition of liquidity and will be rewarded. The Polkastation liquidity pools are deployed smart contracts with specific addresses. Tokens added as liquidity are safe in smart contracts addresses and will be transferred back to a user wallet once withdrawn from the liquidity pools

IDO Pool Staking: Polkastation IDO staking pool is the simplest way of earning more POLKA tokens. There are two different pools to stake POLKAS and earn more POLKA in return. The first, POLKA-POLKA pool which has a locking time of 30 days and offers 30% APR, while the second pool has a locking time of 60 days and offers 50% APR.


NFTs Staking: Instead of holding NFTs for a long time, it could be wise to earn passive income with the NFTs held. Polkastation makes an NFT holder earn income with the NFT staking feature. NFT creators and holders can stake their NFT to get rewards in return. This development has made NFTs attractive than before while attracting more users. It is a unique way of putting NFT on the blockchain network instead of being idle. Polkastation further allows the user to attach their NFTs to the NFT Staking protocol in exchange for staking rewards.

In Conclusion

Polkastation is a platform designed to bring together different chains into the polkadot blockchain. Polkastation allows all applications and products to be available on its blockchain with secured, simple, scalable method of transactions. It also allows an artist to list his artworks, all that is needed to do is to have a profile with Polkastation; name, social media link, bio, and avatar. The profile creator becomes your social media page where you can display your contents, NFTs, and digital artworks by connecting your wallet.

This NFT artworks portfolio helps the creators to expose their artwork on the Polkastation marketplace for trading. Polkastation also has developed a yield aggregator that collects multiple best-performing farms in a single place. With hundreds of yield farms existing every single day in the market, keeping track of the best performing ones becomes hectic. That is why Polkastation has developed the yield aggregate. It helps to maximize the community members farm with secure yield optimization. Follow the links below for more into the solution of Polkastation, thanks.

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