Need For Turbo: A Multi-chain NFT Powered Play2Earn Metaverse Racing Game

By thefreethinkeer | StartUpInsider | 21 Feb 2022


Need for Turbo is a Multichain game that allows players to earn NFTs in Metaverse racing game, running on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. As a player, you are allowed to drive alone or build teams that could improve your chances of winning. There are diffirent ways to play the game. You can play the game using a single player mode to test your skills as a way of practice, or play with your friends in private rooms or take part in public tournaments against other racers to climb up the rankings and earn more Need for Turbo Coins. As a player, you can Spend the coins to customize and tune your NFT based avatars and karts whereby a part of the spent tokens will go back into the emission pool to be earned again by players in the tournaments.

Need for Turbo Token (NFTC) & Its Tokenomics

Need for Turbo token is the native asset of the game metaverse and its powering ecosystem, its a multi-chain token whose development is divided into two phases which includes a building phase and a utility phase.


In the first phase of the game, a 10% fee will be charged on every transaction you make on Uniswap and PancakeSwap where 40% of the fee will be distributed to the holders, Auto Reflection. The distribution will lead to an even bigger incentive to get other investors on board. After that, 30% is automatically burned, therby increasing the liquidity ratio (Auto LP) and the price. 20% will be reserved for marketing which includes advertisements, campaigns, contests, giveaways/airdrops and listings. The remaining 10% will go into the development wallet to cover costs of employees, audits and servers.

After that, the next stage is the utility phase, where NFTC will becomes a sole utility token for the Need for Turbo racing game. The fee will be removed and the token will officially be launch on centralized exchanges. Since it collects funds during the building phase it will not reserve a team share of NFTC, instead it distribute all tokens in a presale.


Furthermore, the total number of NFTC will not be launch because there isn't a soft cap neither a hard cap as there is no limit for the presale. However, a full amount of USD collected during the sale will be added as liquidity. The LP tokens are time locked which will allow you to migrate liquidity in the future but not without investors taking note of it.

NFTC Presale

NFTC presale is also separated into two stages which includes the whitelist presale and public presale. Users who are able to complete the tasks will take part in a whitelist presale stage and buy NFTC at a 10% discount. After the whitelist presale ends, the public presale immediately follows where tokens are bought and launch without transaction fees. Finally,it will be launch on a decentralize exchanges and you will go into the building phase where an anti-bot mechanism will be introduced shortly after the launch to avoid bots from dumping human investors.

Project Development Roadmap


In Conclusion

Need for turbo is a metaverse racing game that is running on the ethereum and binace smart chain, its a game play that allow players to earn rare and valuable NFTs as they play. Gaming and NFTs have become a serious traction in blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem, this has consequently impacted on their market capitalization as well as a push on the adoption of blockchain and crypto technology in the mainstream sector. I will be a good idea to consider looking more closer into the idea of Need for Turbo, do follow the official links i made available below for much more insights into the idea, thanks.

Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Telegram | GitHub | Medium | YouTube


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