FiPi: Powering a Piggy Savings and Investments in Crypto

By thefreethinkeer | StartUpInsider | 4 Feb 2022

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Blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem is a very volatile and dynamic space that have been on a steady growth since it inception. This have proven to the world beyond all doubts how bright and promising the future could be, given to the profit making potentials and how safe it could be for one to leave their savings in crypto.

Despite the level of trust and believe in the technology, majority of enthusiasts which constitute of both the newbies and those with an intermediate knowledge are facing a number of common challenges that ranges from: How to buy cryptocurrency? to what currency to buy ? and is it a good time to buy cryptocurrency? This article talks about FiPi, an application designed for an automated and modern savings that utilizes the periodic purchases of cryptocurrencies.

Get to Know About FiPi

FiPi APP is a revolutionary financial saving solution that involves automated purchases of cryptocurrency assets in accordance with a number of crypto indexes. With simplicity of utilization at it heart, FiPi APP is built on three basic strong pillars to helps users mitigate the risk that comes with savings and investment in cryptocurrencies. These pilars includes:

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  • Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA): An investment strategy where the capital is divided into an equal amount that will be invested periodically over a specified period of time, this is in order to mitigate the effect of volatility on the total purchase.
  • FiPi Indexes: Managed by an independent group of professional entities that have gathered decades of experience in providing financial data for institutional infrastructures across the world, BITA GmbH, a German based fintech company will power FiPi Crypto Indexes. This pilar will serve as the core of FiPi app.

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  • Balancing: FiPi APP will ensure the invested cryptocurrencies remain balanced in accordance with the adopted indexes, hence without users participation their portfolio will follow the market. This is quite an incredible way of providing users with a passive crypto asset management of their own savings.

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The FiPi APP will tentatively feature a method that helps users practice a passive savings technique. This method will be automated to monitor indexes in the most accurate way possible and mirroring the changes. Passive assets management have proven to be a reliable and effective practice in the financial markets, it will be quite an profiting to consider trying to practice this with FiPi APP.

FiPi Token

FiPi token is the native cryptocurrency that will fuel economic activities of its project ecosystem, activities such as subscription to index tiers. The token is minted with a maximum supply of 21 Million FiPi tokens, find the tokenomics attached below.

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Meet the Team

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Project Development Roadmap

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In Conclusion

Taking a close look at the market growth from over the years, one will see clearly that the market is steadily growing in both value and adoption. FiPi is taking advantage of this remarkable growth opportunity to present users with potentials of becoming part of the owners of a selected asset class that their savings will grow with. Do follow the official links i made available below for much more into the solution that FiPi is presenting to the global populace, thanks!

Website | Whitepaper | Twitter Handle | Telegram Group | Facebook Page


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