Caesar Finance: Powering A Decentralized Passive Income Stream With The Best Auto Staking Feature

By thefreethinkeer | StartUpInsider | 13 Apr 2022


Blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption have penetrated deeply into many areas of our today society, the technolgy have soon become a top option for people that are considerig to invest in their future, this has consequently brought about a paradigm shift to particularly the global financial sector, creating an avenue for everyone from any part of the world to seamlessly invest in a decentralized manner with no iota of discrimination. In this article, i talked about Caesar Finance, a revolutionary investment solution that capitalizes on the idea of Rebasing.

Get to Know About Caesar Finance

Caeser finance is a DeFi auto-staking protocol developer based company that aims to create benefits, innovations and value that Caesar token holders. Caeser is positioned to make staking easier for users. It also offers CAP protocol to Caeser token holders providing exceptional for holders of $CAESER. Some further benefits and features of Caeser finance include;


  • Case Rebase Rewards: The Caeser auto-staking protocol is the fastest auto-staking protocol in crypto. It pays every 30 minutes or 48 times every day.
  • It has a fixed APY: The more APY fluctuate, it becomes difficult to know how much token a user will get. CAP pays $CAESER token holders a fixed interest of 2% daily or compounding yearly at 153,617.5%.
  • It is easy and safe: Caeser finance offers auto-staking right in a user wallet when $CAESER is purchased. Once a user buys,it stakes automatically and is ready to receive rebase rewards. It has an easiest auto-staking in DeFi.

Rebasing and How It Works

The rebase works by allowing tokens circulating supply expand due to changes in token price. Rebasing increases supply works with positive rebase formula which increases the $CAESER of a holder, thus by being a holder of $CAESER in your wallet, you will be able to receive staking rewards. Caeser has an auto-staking mechanism that uses a simply way of staking and receiving rewards. A user can get rebase rewards once he has $CAESER in your wallet. Rebasing rewards are simply staking rewards that occurs every 30 minutes or 48 times daily.


A rebase token is a staking reward that does not circulate supply expands or contracts due to the fluctuation in token price. A rebase token increases and decreases supply works when rebasing occurs. The supply of token is increase or decrease algorithmically base on the current price of the token. Caeser CAP takes advantage of this positive rebase formula which increases token supply to $CAESAR holders.

Caesar Finance Auto Staking and APY

Caesar Finance's Buy-Hold-Earn CAP auto-stakes feature provides ultimate ease for $CAESAR holders. It works by buying $CAESER and holding tokens in your wallet. A holder will earn rebase rewards directly into his wallet increasing every 30 minutes. Rebase rewards are distributed on each rebase period to holders of $CAESER with an annual compounding interest of 153,617.5%.


APY means Annual Percentage Yield. APY measure real rate of returns on users principal tokens by taking into account the effect of compounding interest. A user of $CAESER token becomes your principal with a periodical rebase of 30 minutes. Another interesting thing about APY is that balance gwors exponentially over a time. Staking 100 $CAESER a day will earn you 153,717. 5% $CAESER.

Risk-Free Value (RFV)

Risk-free value is another wallet in Caeser's CAP system. It uses algorithm that supports the rebase rewards and also supported by a portion of buy and sell trading fee in the RSV wallet. Staking rewards are distributed every 30 minutes at a rate 0.04189% and supported by RFV parameter ensuring high stable interest rate to $CAESER holders. The RFV helps to create a floor value for $CAESER token.


Caesar Finance Treasury

The treasury is a Caeser CAP protocol that provides important functions for the growth and sustainability of Caeser. The treasury helps to buy back and burns of the $CAESER tokens when the AVAX/CAESAR supply is greater or equal to 2.5% of the total supply. It is also use to fund new products, services and projects to build Caeser's economy and provide funding for the market.


Caesar Finance Token ($CAESAR) With It Tokenomics & Use Cases

$CAESER is the primary utility token of Caesar Finance project ecosystem, the token is minted in Avalanche blockchain with the current total supply of 1,256,394,464.47948 $CAESAR tokens that will fuel the operation of its project ecosystem. $CAESAR is the first auto-staking and auto compounding token on Avalanche blockchain that supply rewards to its holders with positive rebase formula. $CAESER is an elastic RRC20 token that rewards its holders. Trading fees are sustain to realise a leading APY industry, find a detailed tokenomics below!


$CAESER is a token with elastic supply with no stand for its quantity. It does not have a maximum supply. Rebases occurs every 30 minutes, distributing 0.04189% of circulating supply as staking rewards to holders of $CAESER. A user can use the Caesar staking dash board to check when the next rebase will occur.

Want to Buy $CAESAR?

Buying and holding $CAESAR in order to be a part of it remarkable opportunity and benefits is just a few step away, these includes;

  • Buy AVAX or C-Chain AVAX
  • Setting up Avalanche network on your Metamask wallet and send your C-Chain AVAX there.
  • SwapAVAX for $CAESER

Project Development Roadmap


In Conclusion

Caeser aims to o lead a revolution in DeFi with ceaser auto-staking protocol to make staking easier and to give $CAESER token holders highest stable returns interest in the cryptosystem. It further gives automatic staking compounding features with the highest fixed APY at 153,617.5% in the market and 2% daily return on investment ( ROI). Do follow the official links i made available below for much more about the idea and solution of Caesar Finance, thanks.

Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Twitter | Discord | Medium 


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