Getting started with crypto

By leshjedan | Starting Up | 1 May 2021

Hello there!

This article is not about HOW TO. 

This is merely an advice what you should be aware of when starting with crypto.

I'm new to this industry just as many of you are. I heard about crypto back in 2017. Didn't give much attention to it. I was never an investor type. I was always letting everything pass. Investing was always a risk, it still is don't get me wrong here. But learning is the key part. As I was never an investor type, I was never interested about learning. I hated school, I was rather out with my friends and having fun. Smoking, drinking to hell with it I even tried some drugs. As it was back then, It was always available and on every corner, in every club, everybody was doing it and so was I. And again, don't get me wrong, but I don't regret a single thing about it. I had fun. I met some good people on the way. And the most important thing... I've learn't something. I have stories to tell, I have memories. And good ones to be exact. I have learned that money is here to spend it. no matter how much did I have , or how much I'd earn, it would always be spent. All of it. I tried my best never to get loans and never to end up in any kind of debt. Until now. I recently maxed up my credit card and got two loans from my bank just to buy crypto. I learned about alt coins from a friend of mine and took it seriously. I watched a ton of videos, read a bunch of articles, visited a stack of websites and started my learning process. For the first time in my life I was really interested in something. I strongly recommend, to all of you, to do the same before putting any amount of money into any of the crypto currencies. Why? Because DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH is the only rule here you have to abide in this industry. And do it good. Just watching a video on youtube isn't enough, you have to understand how crypto works. You have to know about the project in which coin you're about to invest. Does it have a future? Is it something new? Is it just a protocol of some sort that is going to be replaced in a few months? When you get your facts straight, then you can decide is it a good investment or not. First learn the basics. Don't rush, it doesn't take much time to learn everything you need to start trading. Patience is the key component of trading. When you buy a coin, you will need to wait. Prices go up and down all the time, like a rollercoaster. Don't be afraid of volatility, it's normal. Don't be greedy, take profits. And mostly important don't panic sell. Well this will be enough for my first post here. I hope you will all find this advices good for you, and I hope all of you will make some life changing profits. Stay safe guys!

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Starting Up
Starting Up

Getting started with crytpo

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