How to stack crypto to the moon (Pt 3) [WINk]

How to stack crypto to the moon (Pt 3) [WINk]

Cryptocurrency is supposed to be innovative...yet why do we choose to gamble at casinos online that accept crypto, but give you so much trouble when you try to withdraw your earnings?  We've all heard the horror stories from somebody we know.  

WINk resides on the Tron network and quite frankly its the thing that is going to help TRX maintain a competitive advantage as we pivot to the new.

My favorite part about this casino is that when the house wins, it shares its daily revenue with its players.  You can purchase WINk tokens on an exchange like Poloniex and then stake them in the Windrops section


If the house wins in Dice, Slots or Poker, you are awarded TRX.  If the house loses in any of these games, you get less TRX.

Why does this excite me so much?  Since its inception, WINk tokens has provided 30-40% monthly gains.  As an investor, to understand how many WINk tokens you have to purchase and to see historical data, navigate to and plug in your numbers.  Don't take this lightly, there are people I know who invested heavily into this token and get rewarded an average of 9,000 TRX a day.  I am nowhere near close that, but its one of the few cryptocurrencies that I am confident about investing in.  I would highly recommend starting your own investment!

Now the three games (Dice, Slots and Poker) also reward you with tokens which are different from WINk.  These tokens are rewarded as you play the game and when staked also provided you with dividend twice a day.  

My favorite token out of the three is Live token (Slots).  These tokens are highly coveted by everyone in the WINk community and rightfully so.  There is a limited supply and these tokens get more and more difficult to mine as time passes by.  As you can see below, the community is currently on Stage 10-6 where spending 390 TRX will net you with 1 Live token.  As you can also see below, I have 15651 Live tokens, and get LIVEdrops 2x a day.  It is still extremely early on and it is absolutely worth playing slots to mine these valuable tokens.  


Now there are two major updates that are set to happen in Q2.  The first has to do with WINk being able to support multiple cryptocurrencies instead of just TRX and USDT.  The second has to do with Live and Dice tokens being listed on an exchange.  Upon supporting multiple cryptocurrencies, WINk will spend massive amounts of money advertising their casino and the floodgates will open with new users.  The more players that play at this casino, the more dividend there will be to distribute to WINk, Dice, Live and Rake token holders.  As an investor, you should be extremely excited about that.  Secondly, listing Live and Dice tokens on an exchange should do wonders for the price in the long run as there is only a finite supply.  Do NOT sell these tokens for a quick buck.

Think about it this way, if Vegas offered you tokens that you can stake to get a piece of their pie - would you sell it for a quick buck only to miss out on lifetime dividend earnings?  Of course not!  WINk is the future of casinos, so you should have the same mentality.

What else is amazing about this casino?  Although they do not offer bonuses on your deposits, you can literally play a few rounds of anything you want and cash out immediately into your wallet.  There is no one giving you a hard time trying to withdraw the money you rightfully earned.  This is a groundbreaking paradigm shift that no casino has done before and again...once multiple cryptocurrencies are supported, many players will flock to this casino which means more dividends for investors.

Do not sleep on WINk.  It's a chance to own a stake in a casino for crying out loud, and as everybody knows...the house always wins!

Finally, games I recommend on WINk in no particular order: 

1) Poker - Terrible players if you can deal with their annoying UI. 

2) Live - Good Girl Bad Girl, China Charms and Monopoly Live Dreamcatchers Edition

I have won a fortune playing these games and hope you do too.  If not, at least you will have mined some very valuable tokens that will yield dividend for life.  Good luck and don't forget to subscribe to me so that you can get the latest and greatest tips on how to stack massive amounts of cryptocurrency to the moon. 



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Stacking Crypto to the Moon
Stacking Crypto to the Moon

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