Venture Capitalists have a point!!!!

By Rexicon | Stablish | 12 Sep 2023

When I started writing, I was jobless. I enjoyed writing so much, I'd go the length. Mind maps, summations, climax, etc. Back then before crypto. When Helium was the go to place for freelance writers. 

Now I got a day job, and mostly give topics three thoughts before penning down. Anyway, venture capitalists!!!


Well, this has been a sore eye to me for a while now. 

The issue with crypto is that, it does not deliver projects that tender for real world application. Like crypto powered network towers, crypto mining televisions, as I wrote in an article way back, consumer focused research facilities, etc.

We don't deny the need for content creation, to foster acceptance. There must be visibility, like coinbase sponsoring world cups, that's nice. But now crypto just looks like a glorified arcade house, WEB3.0 right?

I totally agree with venture capitalists, but I have to admit they are pointing from a predator point, where whales are waiting for rocket engines to catapult their profits even more. Not that they are genuinely concerned about the crypto space. 


Given that, crypto is decentralised, it's development is not the sole responsibility of satoshi, like spacex is dependent on their CEO. So why would venturists critique an open system when they can do something about it.

Because they don't have any interest in investing on any startups, but they want to jump on the hot engine of a buggati veyron running at 160mph. They are not hodlers and will never resonate with the volatility that is derived from project phases. But the one's they influence and drive.


I am over opinionated and no professional. 

With hopes of kindling your candle of awareness, I write. Hence the insistence on quality. 

The craving for quick profits often tempt me write shallow articles. So please like, tip and follow for more thought through articles.


🙏🏾 🙏🏾 Thank you... Xie xie... Gracia's... obrigado... na khensa( my native language -xitsonga)




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