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South Africa is not profitable to first world

By Rexicon | Stablish | 21 Feb 2023

Well, this has been ringing in my heart for a while, even though it would be found irrelevant to most readers.


But it has come to my attention that Africa is an investment haven to FWC(First World Countries). But not all African states are in the scopes of these countries. South Africa was once a go to nation, investment wise, due to it's richness in commodities.

In the past 10-15 years, we have dwindled away from the interest of being an investment haven, not that we no longer have minerals much coverted after. But due to many other factors mainly influenced by our socio political landscape.

We have become repulsive to investors, as land grabs, looting and import/export duties have become a volatile issue to members of interest ( FWC).


Recently, I have come across an article declaring how; Elon Musk, a South African descent has shown interest in Nigeria. Rather than his native nation. They announced how he has put up satellites to improve their internet speeds and the likes. 

Even though Nigeria is more corrupt than South Africa, it has natural resources more coverted by the billionaires; which is crude oil amongst other. Mostly oil.

We are in a state of disaster, ( as declared by our President). Whereby most citizens find themselves to be at wits end in finding creative ways to stay afloat. Well, where there is life, there is hope.


N.B: Some have predicted that in the next coming months we might be faced with a total blackout situation. We are not the first to be faced with such an ordeal. If I can recall well, New York once found itself in the midst of corruption so miry, it almost collapsed the city. 


Thank you for your minute...

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