My trusted crypto projects sources!??

By Rexicon | Stablish | 19 Mar 2022



Okay, let us be honest. NFT's are great and all.

But they are too saturated (too much noise), from every corner you turn to. But amidst strong winds and tornados, there is always a couple of rocks which really have impact. What I mean by this, that amidst all these compelling projects we bear witness to, when the cycle of severance hits, it takes some with it, "as with every business cycle".

As we take note in the 1st generation rollout, which was crypto's in general, some projects looked promising, but they were hit by the waves of resistance. N.B: I believe the crypto evolution is a project that is being rolled out in phases, there are also disrupters (Who are just riding the wave), but those closely linked to the creators are aware of the projects direction. Meaning, the evolution is still in active development phase, we haven't pierced the bubbles threshold yet. 


So how does one identify which crypto projects to invest in and consider for long term sustainable growth?

First, we look into one trusted source, that has been actively informative in all phases:

  • Coinmarketcap - A trusted source for Airdrops, NFT projects, the crypto market in it's entirety. 
  • Dappradar - A trusted source for Dapp projects, 
    • Free Airdrops
    • Play to Earn games source, on recommendation
    • Also rates risk type of projects
  • Metamask Mobile App - General Source of all things WEB3.0 on the go
    • Not every news out there is in the radar of the whales, like it or not, whales are market makers. The closer to their radar you are, the more chances of profiting in crypto.
  • Publish0x - Socially, I would say publish0x is currently fulfilling the role, by bringing bloggers together. We get to benefit from one another's experiences with the crypto evolution, serving as encouragement how actively involved hodlers, crypto enthusiasts, investors and proactive learners are.



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