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Legit Crypto Funnels Part 1

By Rexicon | Stablish | 13 Mar 2022


Today, we are reviewing, which was one of the first faucets on the bitcoin network.

Faucets were once the only way to gain free Crypto assets, and was and is still the highly rated and reliable faucets you can utilize to acquire free bitcoins, in satoshi's. It is a sister company of; and the former (Which they closed). Now only freelitecoin and freebitcoin are still active.

There are many ways of engagement to earn on the sites, from:

  • Lottery
  • Multiply
  • Betting (Bet on Soccer, Basketball, F1, Bitcoin/Altcoin Prices)
  • Golden Tickets (Entry to win a Lamborghini- Each ticket will cost you 0.00025000 satoshi's)
  • Stake ( Minimum is 30 000 satoshi's. with Annual Rate of 4.08% interest on staked amount)
  • Referrals (Which has a contest where you up to $5000 USD)

They also made their own token, the FUN token. Which you can stake to win bonuses, such as:

  • Free Golden Tickets (Lamborghini baby!!!, Which I would sell and reinvest into crypto projects)
  • Free Lottery Tickets
  • Free Reward Points (Which you can exchange for Trezor wallets, I-phones, Rolex, etc.)

Also their FUN token can be staked, if locked for a minimum of 5% for 15 days and maximum of 25% for 365 days. The FUN token staking is more lucrative than Staking satoshi's on their platforms, which only earns you 4.08% p/a.

They have recently partnered up with gaming platforms, DPLAY and Club Riches, which I haven't really explored that much, since I am more focused on the investment benefits on the platform than gambling. But it appears to have interesting games.

TO JOIN, Please visit the link:


The interesting part is, even though they are innovating, they do not take away their faucets, where you can earn free satoshi's.

The only Con in faucets these days is that; they take longer to reach minimum withdrawal threshold, due to increased value in crypto assets. So unless you are willing to claim for 6 months before reaching 30 000 satoshi's, which is their minimum withdrawal threshold. And minimum for staking. I would recommend depositing the minimum to start earning passively, which is 30 000 sat for 4.08% p/a or 70 000 sat(FUN tokens) for minimum 5% per 15 days.

Then you can use the faucet as a supplement to your passive income.

Please remember to join using my link:


All the best with the Crypto Revolution

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