I have seen the future with crypto

By Rexicon | Stablish | 6 Apr 2022



It's a Saturday afternoon, I am washing dishes and listening to what they are saying on television.

And suddenly get an epiphany or should I say ideas in logical terms.

I have been in the crypto space even before all the noise, I have always asked myself what I can do to contribute to the currency revolution. I have been earning crypto income through faucets, mainly, if you are like me, you probably know faucets were profitable until bitcoin started busting through the 18k price range.

Okay, that is another spoonful for another day. I have seen the future?

We talking mass adoption.

Well I would like to invigorate your imagination a bit.

At the moment creatives have some grasp on crypto direction. As soon as media houses, marketing agencies sniff the potentiality in this volatile movement of ours, we might as well be in the future.

What am I saying?

If crypto makes it passed the legal bar, we might witness a major influx of income from all angles.


  • With crypto in our future, media houses ratings might go down, thus forcing them to incorporate crypto algorithm in their programs, also forcing them to share their ad revenue with viewers. The viewer will be paid to view television programs. In my country, they are already rendering analogue television obsolete, making room for mass digitization. Television will come pre-installed with either mining algorithm, or they will create their own crypto, pay viewers for time spent watching their programs in their currency. Either way, they will be pushed into a corner to consider adoption soon.
  • With the emergence of smart cars, news outlets will now pay motorists to harvest footage from their vehicle. For things such as traffic updates, accidents, etc. Motorists will be given option on whether to consent to selling their vehicles records in exchange for some form of reward with monetary value.
  • For us in Third World Countries, unless we get involved in the projects will always lag behind these leading countries as they are already in full motion with developing crypto
  • So, there you have it. Crypto will make it so easy to earn an income that innovation will be the driving force for all. Learning to innovate now will help you regardless of crypto's adoption or nay. One take from crypto, it has opened men's eyes to innovation, the longer it stays, the more innovation becomes an industry standard. You know, death of interviews, but individual project reviews, for those who will be seeking employment. SO THE FUTURE IS FULL OF SORROW HUH!?!

That's it for now.

What have you envisioned for crypto as an adopted currency?

Please share your thoughts. And if the bubble busts, what is your exit plan?



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