NBA: Clippers On The Brink Of Having To Close Up Shop?

By InfinitePrime3k | Sports4life | 28 May 2021

   The Los Angeles Clippers were supposed to be the team to take over L.A. with the arrival of Khawi "The Klaw" Leonard two seasons ago, but that dream has yet to materialize. Both seasons resulted in early exits from the playoffs with both being in the first round.  Despite all the hype, we've yet to see that media hyped matchup between them and the Lakers and we might not get to see it this season and possibly ever.  They are currently down 2-0 to the Luca Doncic led Dallas Mavericks in the first round and it's not looking good at all.  Luca has toyed with their defense in both games and nobody has been able to guard him.  Khawi guarded him for a short time and that didn't go well either, so what is really wrong with the Clippers?  The answer is that they made all the wrong moves starting with the firing of Doc Rivers and then letting the NBA 6th man of the year go into free agency where the Lakers gladly picked him up and sent the Clips a thank you card.  I think those things along with the supposed issue players had with the stars of the team getting "rest days" whenever they wanted carried over to this season and is now taking it's toll in the playoffs for the third straight season.  In the history of the NBA playoffs of teams down two games to start a series there has been only 27 teams to come back and win the series.  So what does that say about the Clips chances of coming back in this series?  I think it's gonna be another early exit from the playoffs that leads to the team being blown up and starting from scratch again.  I've seen some suggestions stating that Khawi could be heading to Golden State and there's also things being said about Steph Curry going to the Lakers with Lebron, but we'll get into that later.  As of now this experiment with the Clips is on the line

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