Olimpia Milano - Avellino Betting Prediction

By Burak44 | Sports Healt | 26 May 2019

Italy Lega Basket Serie A quarter-final series 5th and final match, Olimpia Milano today will face Avellino. In the absence of Milan James and Nedovic, in the quarter-finals it was very, very difficult, against the Avellino. They lost the first match in their home and won the last away game by 6 points. For the first time they found the tempo they want and the comfortable offensive match to win away their self-confidence again brought back.


 The Avellino limited staff with a very good headline throughout the series favorite Milan face. Especially Nedovic and James' lack of good use of the defense to increase the pressure to keep them in the series. The win of the first match in the away game also had the psychological superiority. However, losing the last match in their home and giving them a chance to find rhythm in Milan will most likely cause their adventure to end here.


 With the return of Nedovic for a limited time, Milan was relieved and attacked a little while. Now I will continue their match in their own field, or they will go to the match and this time the last match with the advantage of coming here as a winner, I think they will use the best. Under Nunnally's leadership, this time, they do not allow a bad surprise, and I think that Avellino, who plays with the narrow rotation, which is physically worn out in a serious way, crosses the double-digit divisions into semi-finals.

Olimpia Milano win. 

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