Splinterlands Rare Summoner Profile - Mylor Crowling

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 6 May 2021

No room for trust,
No time to mourn,
For metals rust
And life's a thorn.

Mylor Crowling


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Splinter - Anumün, the Earth Splinter

Set - ΛZMΛRÉ Dice

Class - Elevated Earth Summoner

Size - Mylor is much smaller than most of his Summoner peers at Mount Mox, but as a young man of twenty, he does not expect to get much bigger in his lifetime. He may fill out and become huskier as he gets closer to middle aged, but he has accepted the fact that he will always be short and somewhat weak in comparison to those around him. These are the shortcomings against which he has fought all his life, the same ones that drove him deeper into his studies and taught him how to be clever. If he had grown into a larger or a stronger man, he never would have grown up with his characteristic ambition and greed, which Mylor has come to regard as points of pride. After all, it was he who was chosen to be a Moxian summoner at an incredibly young age, and he who left the saps and whiners behind with the old man at Summoners' Green.

Lifespan - Mylor Crowling has only just reached his twentieth birthday, but his twenty short years have been filled with many adventures. He looks back on them as adventures while most others would see his past as a life of tragedy. Mylor was discovered by the old man (the Magi of the Forest) when he was only eight. The Magi makes frequent trips south toward the Swamps of the Living Moss, and it was on one of these trips that the small boy was found living in a cave near the eastern edge of the Great Pit Racchsa. The Magi was fascinated that a young boy had the tenacity to survive in those unforgiving lands, so close to the Giant Grasslands of Primordia. After several hours of coaxing, the old man was able to get young Mylor to put down his impressive makeshift weapons and have a conversation. After the boy told the Magi the stories of how his mother had left everything for the forest to study under an infamous sorceress and his father had been slain by Minotaurs raiding his caravan, the Magi was intrigued by the child. Mylor was then taken up by a band of goblin thieves, who used him as bait to approach wagons on the highway before robbing their rich passengers blind. Even among the thieves, Mylor was so unruly and despised that his goblin keepers tried to kill the boy by throwing him into the pit. Little did the goblins know that the small child was able to catch a rock outcropping just out of view, several yards from the mouth of the pit and climb out onto the ground. Since then he had been living in the cave in which the Magi found him. There was something about Mylor that made the Magi suspicious, but still he saw great potential in the boy. He took Mylor back with him to Summoners’ Green in the Western Wood, giving him a comfortable home and a good education for the next twelve years.

Weapon - Mylor delights in using anything from his surroundings as weapons whenever the opportunity arises. In the cave in which he survived for more than a year as an eight-year-old, he created weapons from anything he could find. He had sharpened rocks tied to sticks with vineweeds, pointed sticks and stone knives. Even today when Mylor goes hunting, he prefers to find his weapons on the ground. In the same way that Mylor trusts no one but himself, he never relies on weapons made by a blacksmith or a wizard. His summoning and magical powers come from the plants and ground all around him and his own hands. He is most comfortable when surrounded by wilderness, weeds, thorns and brambles.

Habitat - Mylor Crowling has lived the majority of his life in the temperate comfort of Summoners’ Green, the prestigious magic school of the Earth Splinter. As a found orphan, he was extremely lucky to attend the school, which some other inhabitants of Anumün pay dearly to attend. The weather within the grounds of the outdoor academy is regulated by a magic bubble, causing it to always be warm at night and cool in the day. While the majority of the Western Wood is covered with snow through the cold Anumün winter, there is no winter at Summoners’ Green. Instead it is perpetual spring there. After living for the last twelve years in that paradise, Mylor is now quite shocked to be thrown into the unpredictable climate of Praetoria. Like most Elevated Summoners, he has an apartment which the Gloridax have provided at Mount Mox, but he spends much of his time exploring the land outside the Arena grounds. Others have warned him that he will not be able to stand the bitter heat of the Praetorian deserts or the brutal cold of the frozen rivers, but Mylor is already beginning to feel more comfortable in these trying extremes than he ever felt under the Magi’s soft tutelage at Summoners’ Green.

Diet - Mylor has never been a picky eater. As a young child with his extremely poor parents, he was made to eat plenty of revolting dishes, such as stew made from stolen or rotten cabbages, or meat from trapped animals like rabbits and rodents. There were even times when he was required to eat insects, which little Mylor always secretly enjoyed as they wriggled between his teeth. Now he is given anything he likes by the Gloridax keepers of the tournament. Once each day he finds his way to the great dining hall, where there are always exquisite spreads of the finest foods from throughout the Splinterlands. He really enjoys the bunglo meats of Draykh-Nahka, upon which those with Dragonsblood feast daily. There are so many different foods that Mylor feels it will take him years to try everything. He’s up for the adventure.

Allies - Mylor will always have the support of the Magi of the Forest, whom he has had wrapped around his finger for many years. Mylor has never had a great respect for the old man, but for some reason, the Magi has given Mylor everything he needed. Now, thanks to the Magi, Mylor will have a chance to rise to true power through his status as Elevated Summoner at the Moxian tournaments. Even though the goblin thieves that Mylor used to run with a small boy tried to murder him, he remembers them as friends. To this day, Mylor always tries to befriend every goblin he meets, but they are always quite wary of consorting with a human man. Mylor admires the Gloridax guards of the tournament grounds with their incredible sharp axes and pristine uniforms. He even has secret dreams of serving in the Gloridax military someday, though he knows he would never be allowed to do so as a child of Anumün.

Enemies - There are very few people in the world who consider Mylor their enemy, but he has collected enemies in his mind for his entire life. He has rarely (if ever) been honest with anyone about his true feelings, and he has always made sure to get more from others than he has been required to give them. Some people have seen through his manipulations, but luckily for Mylor, he was able to leave most of them behind when he left Summoners’ Green for Mount Mox. At school, his greatest nemesis was Lyanna Natura, who always regarded Mylor with intense distrust that could be read all over her face. She was accepted as an Elevated Summoner years ago, but fortunately she has chosen not to live on the tournament grounds. During Mylor’s time at Summoners’ Green, Lyanna was generally there not as a peer, but as a teacher. Mylor despised the woman. He knew that she was always making cases against him, tattling to the headmaster and trying to get him removed from his education. She poisoned the minds of many of the other students, making it difficult for Mylor to fool them into liking him. Among Mylor’s other favorite enemies are minotaurs, who Mylor will never forgive for killing his father and pixies, whose constant happiness disgusts Mylor.

Pastimes - Mylor spends his time doing whatever he wants, as he has always done. He enjoys taking naps in the sun and swimming in dangerous white waters of a rushing river. He makes weapons, tools and sculptures out of twigs and thorns. He spends as much time as he can outside in the sun, but he always goes out alone, and he never tells anyone where he is headed. At Summoners’ Green, Mylor was always bound by rules and curfews, requiring him to sneak out and lie to be alone in the woods. He expected his Gloridax keepers to keep a greater watch over him, but to his surprise, they allow him to wander wherever he pleases, apparently thinking that he is more than capable of protecting himself.


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