Splinterlands Legendary Summoner Profile - Selenia Sky

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 12 Sep 2020

What power does a Dragon bring?
A suit of scales on soaring wing?
A mighty bite with breath of fire,
Or greed's unquenchable desire?
The power of a humble child,
Remembering a clan defiled,
Can ride the wind and own the skies,
And see the world through Dragon's eyes.


Selenia Sky

Splinter - Draykh-Nahka

Set - Alpha/Beta

Class - Legendary Summoner

Size - Selenia is a slender young woman with all the appearances of a Human. But in her veins, the Fire Blood pumps fast and hard. She is a Dragon at heart.

Lifespan - It has only been twenty-six years since Selenia Sky emerged from her egg. She was born into a noble Gloridax family called Portos, but when Selenia was just a baby, her parents were caught in an embezzlement and her family was disgraced. Her parents were put to death before she even had a chance to know them, and the Portos name was stricken from the Gloridax record. Selenia was taken by the High Council (as is their habit when small children are left alone) and raised as royalty. Her natural summoning talents were supported by every possible means, and by twelve she could defeat summoning veterans in her sleep.

Habitat - Selenia Sky is now a grown woman. She no longer needs to live in the confines of the Palace grounds. In the last year, she has settled nicely into a condo down the hill from the palace. She doesn’t realize it, but from here Suam Khepri can keep watch over her through a specially-designed telescope.

Weapon - Selenia carries a ferocious-looking lance that she calls Zilly. It is one of her only possessions by which to remember her parents. One of the Gloridax Counselors who had taken her in picked up the lance before Selenia’s house was burned, then gave it to her on her sixteenth birthday. Although she has never used the lance to spill blood, she never lets it out of her sight.

Diet - Selenia is an incredibly thin twig of a girl with very peculiar eating habits. For one thing, she only eats with her Dragon. She never attends the feasts and banquets of the Gloridax, where everyone is expected to engorge themselves publicly. Those who carry the Fire Blood are expected to eat a diet of mainly meat from the Brynn feedyards, but Selenia hates bunglo and chicken. Although people laugh at her quietly around Centrum, Selenia keeps a small garden of greens and root vegetables in the back yard of her home.

Allies - Selenia’s mount and most trusted friend is a Dragon named Yathua. She never appears in the Mount Mox Arena without him. While she is not technically a Dragon Rider, Selenia makes her own rules, and Yathua usually goes along with them. When Selenia was young, Yathua was assigned by the Viziers to be her protector and companion. Today he lives with her in her hillside condo.

Enemies - Selenia Sky and Daria Dragonscale are almost exactly the same age. They are both Gloridax carriers of the Fire Blood and summoners of Mount Mox, so why aren’t they friends? The two have for over ten years been locked in a bitter feud. Daria is well-known her coldness, but Selenia usually carries a pleasant demeanor and treats others with respect. Still, she utterly despises the gold-armored Daria and she always will. Daria comes from a loving family still at the height of their power, while Selenia’s parents were disgraced and put to death. Selenia Sky will never forgive Daria for this fact.

Pastimes - For Selenia and Yathua, the most joyful sensation imaginable is soaring through the clouds. Each day they fly, usually just picking a direction and taking off over the Outer Ocean. Selenia can personally attest to the vastness of the Outers. One one occasion several years ago, they flew non-stop for two days. Selenia had expected to find some land, having heard stories about the hidden world on the other side of the world; she was disappointed when she did not.

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