Splinterlands Legendary Profile - Prince Rennyn

Splinterlands Legendary Profile - Prince Rennyn

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 10 Aug 2020

Beautiful stranger, how strong and how proud,
You strode in acclaimed, all the people they bowed,
With magic so pure and a voice that's so loud
They've no hope to notice your mischievous shroud.

-Musings of the Magi


Prince Rennyn

Splinter - Anumün

Set - Beta

Class - Legendary Summoner Prince

Size - Prince Rennyn has acquired many nicknames during his time in the Splinterlands and somehow, most of them deal with his size. The Double-Elf, the Tall Prince, and Sire Big are a few examples. He stands about 7 feet 4 inches, which makes his pointed ears a topic of great confusion. Perhaps in his homeland the Elves are giant, or the Humans have pointy ears.

Lifespan - Rennyn has boasted that like an Elf, he enjoys an extremely long life. He is currently 62, still a young man compared to his people but old compared to any Human or Goblin. He has the robust appearance and healthy, flowing hair of a knight in his twenties.

Habitat - Prince Rennyn lives in the walled kingdom of Lyveria, in the company of old King Wilhelm. King Wilhelm is so old that most of his days are spent in a fantasy world of memories and his own imagination. He has been a rock of a ruler for the Lyverian Kingdom for these last eighty years, and he will be missed by all. It is now beginning to be whispered that Rennyn means to replace King Wilhelm when he dies. The Prince is well-loved by the people, but he is still new to Lyveria, having only arrived just over a year ago to the outer walls. His arrival (and immediate acceptance by the King) has remained a mystery to Lyverian thinkers. To say they will be hesitant to accept Rennyn as their king is an understatement.

Weapon - Like most summoners who have achieved an otherworldly level of ability, Prince Rennyn carries a legendary weapon that boosts his powers. Without it, it is difficult to say whether or not he could summon a shankweasel. His weapon is his bow and arrow. That’s right. Most archers carry a quiver of arrows, but not Rennyn. There is only a single arrow, and its name is Velos. The bow’s name is Toxo, and the two do not like to be separated. When Velos is loosed from Toxo, Toxo becomes hotter and hotter until finally cooling when it is reunited with its mate. For this reason, Rennyn rarely looses the bow, but instead uses it for its magic-enhancing abilities. It’s awkward for target practice anyway, with such a bulky, golden arrowhead. When the bowstring is drawn taut (but not loosed), the magic is at the apex of its power. This is why Rennyn can always be seen with ready bow during tournament battles.

Diet - The Double-Elf is a very large man. He likes physical activities such as running, jumping and weightlifting, which require him to eat five or six times a day to keep up his energy. One thing for which the Prince is famous is his indiscriminate attitude toward food. He loves all of it, and frankly he will eat anything. He is a mother’s dream.

Allies - For some reason that is still unknown, Prince Rennyn was immediately accepted by Lyverian royalty when he arrived over a year ago to the Splinterlands. All the public has been able to learn is that he came aboard a ship from across the Outers, from a land only referred to as the “other side of the world.” Although the Prince has been exceedingly and flamboyantly sociable, his origins have been kept a peculiar secret. It’s almost as though Old King Wilhelm expected him and was awaiting his arrival. But the Lyverian King has also kept Rennyn closely protected, having his guards keep careful watch over the Prince to make sure he is not tempted by the Dragons.

Enemies - Multiple messages have been sent directly from Carlbob Gobson (the current Patriarch of the Goblin city) to Old King Wilhelm in the last year, each more urgent than the last. The messages have been attempting to get one single point across to the senile old King: The Elf who calls himself Prince Rennyn is not to be trusted. The King has not laid eyes on a single one of these messages; they have all been discarded before they reached his hand.

Pastimes - Prince Rennyn rides for hours in the Lyverian countryside on his white steed. If the King can spare the attendants that day, the Prince likes to travel with an entourage. The entourage travels near him on foot, and most of them hold mirrors so that when Rennyn glances to either side, he can always see his glorious reflection looking back at him. Once, one of the entourage aimed the mirror a bit too high, reflecting the sun into Rennyn’s eyes. He was never heard from again.


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