Splinterlands Legendary Profile - Dark Ha'on

Splinterlands Legendary Profile - Dark Ha'on

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 9 Aug 2020

Deadly pretty, what a pity.
This is not your mama's kitty.


Dark Ha'on

Splinter - Mortis

Set - Untamed

Class - Legendary Cat

Size - In his humanoid form, the Dark Ha’on is a smaller-than-average person with no particular skills outside of magic. In his power form, the Ha’on swells to five times that size, becoming a solid 260 chickens of muscle, claw, wing and fang.

Lifespan - Ha’on are a special type of shapeshifter who change back and forth between their original humanoid form and their chosen form, as known as the power form. Ha’on are born like Humans and grow slowly, but their intrinsic connection to magic is always clear. When a Ha’on is about twelve years old, it must choose a power form with which it will live for many years. From then on, the Ha’on continues aging slowly, but the power form remains the same. The Ha’on are so new to the Splinterlands that no one knows exactly how long they live, but it is presumed around 100 years.

Habitat - The living habits of the Ha’on are quite unusual. At the time of choosing its power form, a Ha’on strays from its rearers and makes its own path. Grown Ha’on always live alone. There are many Ha’on now living in the Splinterlands, leading Ha’on enthusiasts to believe that they are refugees from some faraway conflict. The Dark Ha’on has chosen Raysco mountains of Mortis as his home, and a large flying cat as his power form.

Weapon - The Dark Ha’on spends the majority of his time in his power form, not only because he enjoys it immensely, but also because in his Human form he would quickly be eaten by fearsome predators. He does not carry weapons; the retractable claws and lightning-fast reflexes usually prove sufficient. But the Ha’on is a cat, and he has acquired some fantastic treasures in his prowling around the mountains. His favorite example is a ball of enchanted twine made from an ultra-rare material called Tempyron Thread. They say that “he who pulls even the smallest Tempyron Thread shall have control over time.” The Dark Ha’on does not know how to use it, but he enjoys batting it around.

Diet - In the Raysco range, living prey is scarce. TheDark Ha’on, preferring his large power form, requires a constant supply of meat to survive. This is why he can be found near the headwaters of the Ehlric River, the only running water in all of Mortis. It is there that almost all types of Mortis living congregate. With a simple swoop and clutch, the Dark Ha’on can pick up almost any animal with ease, but his favorites are pigs and mountain goats.

Allies - The Ha’on are so new to the Splinterlands that they have yet to make any specific alliances. They are always allied with one another, even though they each live entirely alone. The Dark Ha’on, in his explorations of Mortis, has made some very interesting discoveries beneath the Planet’s surface. He has also made some new friends... the rest of the world will meet them soon.

Enemies - From the first time he spotted the Ha’on in Mortis skies, the Lord of Darkness has despised the beast. No one can say why for certain, but most presume it has something to do with the Ha’on’s majestic and dark beauty. The Dark Lord is even developing specialized weapons to bring down the Ha’on called ribbon launchers. These devices (which do not launch ribbons) will be placed strategically around the mountains. Attached to each is a shiny ribbon that flutters in the wind, designed to draw the attention of the Ha’on. With the slightest tug on this ribbon, a huge projectile of dark matter will be launched point blank at the creature.

Pastimes - The Dark Ha’on has fully embraced his existence as a cat, and he now finds joy in the most mundane places. He can swat as his reflection in a puddle or stalk a mortipede as it makes its trek across a boulder. There are countless things in the world that fascinate, exhilarate and inspire, and the Dark Ha’on has barely begun to experience them.


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