Splinterlands Legendary Profile - Archmage Arius

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 15 Aug 2020

Jagged cloak and heavy boot,
Silver hair with crimson root,
Bold as the most savage brute,
With power no one can dispute...


Archmage Arius

Splinter - Mount Mox/All Splinters

Set - Promo

Class - Legendary Wizard

Size - Armage Arius has been known to appear rarely at the Mount Mox tournament battles, and always in a different size. It is one of his ways of flaunting the complete power he holds over the Splinterlands reality. His shape is always that of a gaunt and wizened old man.

Lifespan - To Archmage Arius, the lives of all the creatures in the Splinterlands are but brief moments in time. His age is beyond eons. He can remember the great Titans who wrestled this solar system into existence, long before the idea of life on the Planet even entered the dreams of the Ancient Ones. Some say that Arius knows the future and that he simply allows everything to run its natural course. Such would be the curse of anyone who knew the future, or it would undoubtedly change.

Habitat - Archmage Arius does not reside in any known place in the Splinterlands, nor does he reside at all. When he is not in the Mount Mox cave lair of the Council attending to business, he is somewhere else, attending to some other important matter. When he is not working, the Archmage simply is. It is believed that he watches the activities of the Splinterlands from another place, a secret place hidden somewhere in a void of time and space.

Weapon - Sometimes when he takes form in the Splinterlands, Archmage Arius carries a magnificent staff called Bulophyr. He boasts to his fellow Wizards that this legendary weapon was taken from a defeated sorcerer known as Sylus, many thousands of years ago in another world. He speaks surprisingly little of the powerful time and dimensional magics that are embedded in the staff. Arius seeks a single item from the Splinterlands that will allow him to calibrate Bulophyr’s power to a reasonable level: A Yabanium shard from the Strite, far below the surface of the Planet. If he can find this ultra-precious stone, Arius will have the ability to banish evil beings into shadow, one by one.

Diet - No one in the Splinterlands has seen Archmage Arius eating. Such an action would diminish his godliness, and if he does eat, he only does it in private.

Allies - The political and strategic alliances of Archmage Arius are many and complex, especially since he has the interests of the entire Planet in mind. He sometimes schemes with the Gloridax, who fear him and usually submit to his requests. He also works occasionally with the Order of the Silver Shield, the predominant military power of the land. He has been involved in Ferexia plots in the Burning Lands and has even attended Goblin conventions on engineering, monitoring the development and growth of the Goblins. Arius is unsure if he is up to the task of helping this multitude of diverse people find unity in the face of the coming threat.

Enemies - The Wizards Council keeps close watch over the Ancient Ones and the civilizations that they lord over. If one of them ever becomes too powerful, a balance wave is quickly introduced by the Council to restore the Splinterlands to proper balance. But none of these Ancient Ones are the enemies of Arius. His true enemies have yet to be revealed, but they are out there, ducked into some dark pocket of time and amassing great forces. They will return.

Pastimes - The Archmage would never make an appearance at the Tournament Grounds if he did not enjoy it. Even as the most powerful man in the Splinterlands, Arius gets a pure rush of joy and satisfaction from the waves of thunderous applause when he dispatches yet another summoning opponent. As he strides through the great round hall, some cheer and some kneel. Some even offer their sick children for healing, but healing the sick has never been a skill in which the Archmage had any interest.


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