Splinterlands Legendary Dragon Profile - Diamond Dragon

Splinterlands Legendary Dragon Profile - Diamond Dragon

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 19 Sep 2020

Shine like the last grain of sand
That catches the dusk's fading light.
Strong and empowered you'll stand;
With diamond's endurance you'll fight.
And when you grow old,
As now I have done,
May you be the gold
That sets with the sun.

-Tulafra's final inscription from her father8bc23fc29c14eb8b12f867e6cb7860b30ffc4b0441d3d1445939eefd5e40ac4f.png

Diamond Dragon

Splinter - Draykh-Nahka

Set - Untamed

Class - Legendary Dragon

Size - The Diamond Dragon stands about two and a half times the height of a man, but because of her reinforced jeweled scales, she is much heavier. Of the pure Dragons in Draykh-Nahka, she is one of the smallest, but her size has never been a hindrance to her success in tournaments.

Lifespan - At only sixty, Tulafra is one of the youngest adult Dragons of the Splinterlands, making her an eligible mate for the larger males. One by one they have filled out mating paperwork, but so far none of them have been satisfactory for the Diamond Dragon. This indecision is becoming worrisome to the Dragon Congress, for the Fire Blood must be protected, and female Dragons have only so many years in which it is possible to lay a healthy egg.

Habitat - The first building past the main gates of Centrum is a large one with a single ground floor. It is there that the Diamond Dragon lives by herself in a huge penthouse. She has no attendants or servants; instead she lives simply, according to the old Dragon ways taught to her by her deceased father, Joribold the Radiant.

Weapon - Some of the jewels that adorn the body of the Diamond Dragon have always been there naturally; she was endowed with them from eggbirth. Others have been added as enhancements to armor and magical attack. Her most prized item is called Velius. It is a magic wand that Tulafra had sealed into the plate that sits against her forehead. She calls it her tiara,and when she wears it, Velius gives her the power to obliterate weaker enemies with magical blasts.

Diet - While the standard livestock are satisfying to her body’s needs, Tulafra often wants something more. For this reason she has developed a taste for seafood. In the city, her meat options have always been limited to those designed for Dragon consumption. But a few years ago she made a trip to the ocean, where she was able to sample some of the most exquisite delicacies imaginable. Now Tulafra makes the flight to the shipyards at least once a week. She knows there is no shortage of food in the seas.

Allies - Tulafra enjoys society events for Dragons, even to the point of sometimes hosting them herself. Her penthouse can comfortably hold at least fifteen Dragons for an evening’s festivities. These events are rather unpredictable, especially when Naga wine is thrown into the mix. Recently, the Dragon Banker has begun the process of courting for mating rights, so he and the Diamond Dragon have been getting to know one another. The Gold Dragon is afraid that she will approve Neoxian, who is but a scaled Human, a two-legged Dragon.

Enemies - Ever since the prophecies of the Untamed have become well-known throughout the Splinterlands, Tulafra has been behaving with certain peculiarities. At nearly every party for the last several months, she has lashed out irrationally at at least one of the other Dragons. She snarls and bares her teeth, terrifying the other guests, then snaps out of it as though she has no memory of the attack. The truth is that she is aware of these moments. She just doesn’t know how to stop or control them. And they have been happening with increased frequency.

Pastimes - Some of the older Dragons are offended when they see a winged Dragon walking when she could be flying. They say things like “Use the wings that Helio gave you,” or “She’s making someone wait.” Oddly enough, Tulafra almost never flies. More than anything she enjoys strolling the open fields between the Oasis and the shipyards. She is fascinated by the simple people who live along the road in the Draykh-Nahka countryside. In her mind, she creates stories for all the interesting little people, for she knows each one of them has an entire life of their own.


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