Splinterlands Legendary Card Profile - Bila the Radiant

Splinterlands Legendary Card Profile - Bila the Radiant

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 23 Oct 2020

A piercing light can burn
As hot as any fire,
And when we fight we learn,
To kill them with desire.

-Ancient Solakari Sorceress Creedf86f2a067afffe54ae9ed3f32c8a8d3e1f879a2953c49ef94c8d53475b0ec8ea.png

Bila the Radiant

Splinter - Khymeria, the Life Splinter

Set - Reward Edition

Class - Legendary Solakari Sorceress

Size - Bila is slender and tall, taller than most men. Still she wears boots with heels that make her even taller. When asked why one day by a Khymian commoner, she replied with a friendly laugh: “To remind myself how easy it would be to fall.”

Lifespan - Although Bila does not look a day older than 30, she has been living since before the Splintering, and unless defeated by some unknown foe, she will not perish any time soon. She was a young woman when the Splintering came in the region of Solaki. Hers was going to be a normal life until the Splintering, when her home was ripped from the Planet and hurtled into the sky with everyone on it. Over the next several years, young Bila became entangled in a war in the sky called the War of Sons and Daughters. When two of the great Angels descended to aid the daughters of the sun, Bila and dozens of her companions were gifted with incredible powers. The angels were eventually exiled from the Angel Realm for sharing these powers with the Solakari women. These women migrated to the other sky continent of Lunaki, where they joined their sisters and were able to turn the tides of the war. Bila has lived a long life full of more and deeper experiences than most of us can imagine. It is a wonder that she presents herself to the Splinterlands so youthfully and gracefully.

Habitat - Bila came down from Angel Summit with a purse full of extremely valuable and rare gemstones, as if she had known exactly which stones carried the highest value in the Khymerian markets. The first thing she did upon arriving to Shimmer city, after walking around and speaking to some locals, was to secure a cottage on the outskirts of town, near a row of juicy Provision Trees. She settled in quickly in the little cottage, where each evening, smoke can be seen rising from the cozy chimney.

Weapon - The weapon of Bila the Radiant is actually her radiance itself. She discovered it hundreds of years ago, training with her mentor, Venus of the Angel Realm. The two were sparring in a powerful lightning storm when a great darkness came and suddenly overtook them. It was alive, a Goff of Vilyog. Most living creatures when swallowed by a Goff never again see the light of day. But Bila is a fighter. In the moment of crisis, she found a blinding light within herself, vanquishing the beast of darkness and saving both of their lives. To Venus’ surprise, when the darkness faded, Bila was holding a shining Arc of Power. It was so bright that even Venus could not look at Bila’s hands without burning her eyes. The Arc of Power is inside Bila, and after all these years, she can call it instantly at will. It is her spirit, her ferocity, and her legendary weapon all in one.

Diet - As a woman of the Lunakari for the last 800 years, Bila is accustomed to a diet rich in the fruits of the Night Trees. Unfortunately, Night Trees grow only on Lunaki, but fortunately, in Khymeria there are Provision Trees. The melons from the Khymerian trees are sweeter, and not nearly as filling, but Bila has found several varieties that she really enjoys, like the roundball, the prickolope and the yambean.

Allies - When she mysteriously appeared at the gates of Shimmer City, Bila was very straightforward with the guards. She is allegiant to Khymeria and will do anything and everything within her freedom to protect its people. Within the first week of her residence, she had already submitted necessary forms to be a summoned sorcerer in the Mount Mox tournaments. By the second week, she was already making Khymeria look good.

Enemies - While she is staunchly devoted to Khymeria and its people, Bila chooses her words carefully in regard to the Order of the Silver Shield and the Goddess Khymia. Her focuses are clearly on the people and freedom, a fact which concerns the higher-ups in the Order. They have been watching her, to say the least. They whisper in the dark meetings that Bila’s words often sound like those of a heretical Peacebringer. The Gloridax have their eyes on her as well, knowing that she could very well be a spy from above.

Pastimes - Bila adores the Khymerian people, and she spends as much time as possible with them each day in Shimmer City. She does not discriminate between rich from poor, nor Khymian from Goblin. Although she has a beautiful golden glow and walks with an honest pride, no one sees her as conceited. She is always approachable and smiling, and she is never in a hurry.


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