Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Screaming Banshee

Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Screaming Banshee

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 20 Dec 2020

Sticks and Stones may break your bones
And blades may pierce your skin,
But once you hear their nightly screams,
You'll never sleep again.

Screaming Banshee


Screaming Banshee_lv6.png


Splinter - Mortis

Set - Alpha/Beta

Class - Magic Ghoul

Size - Banshees have never been studied at close range, so no one is sure of their exact size. Even when they are summoned to tournament battle, the Banshees are obscured in size and no one is able to get a clear view. Those who look closely at them are cursed with endlessly watering eyes until they look away. Some say that the Banshee is merely a dark and disturbed energy trapped in a thin skin, like a bag. If this were true, the Banshees would be nearly weightless.

Lifespan - It is unknown whether the Screaming Banshees of the Death Mountains are true Dark Eternals, or some sort of hybrid beasts that have evolved in their own ways through centuries of seclusion. If they are indeed living, then the mountains have seen countless generations of Banshees since the time of the Splintering.

Habitat - Banshees live in only one place in the Splinterlands. In the tallest, most jagged peaks of the Raysco Range (also known as the Death Mountains), sometimes their shadows can be seen by moonlight in the haze. They do not take guests, but it is assumed that they dwell in high mountain caves. The storytellers of Beluroc say that they do not live in the mountains, but that they emerge each night from the nightmares of children and float to the peaks, where they scream.

Weapon - The voice of a Banshee is the only weapon it needs. In battle, their terrifying screams can be converged into a sort of sonic wave attack which wounds not only the target, but nearby enemies as well. Earplugs do not help.

Diet - It is widely rumored that Banshees feed on Dark Energy, the spirit essence that is released when creatures are destroyed. If they are in fact killing Belurocians by night, they always make it look like an accident.

Allies - Screaming Banshees have a polite tolerance for the people of the Beluroc valley, even though they are encroaching on what the Banshees consider their domain. Although they are extremely seclusive, Banshees are strong supporters of the Gloridax tournaments at Mount Mox. They are always eager to be summoned to battle, where they proudly represent the Death Splinter.

Enemies - The living people of Beluroc despise the nightly racket of the Screaming Banshees of the Death Mountains. Every week, in their Committee for the Removal of Screaming Banshees meeting, they get a little red tape closer to finally forming a plan. Still, they don’t get very much accomplished in their meetings; most of them haven’t had a good night’s sleep in years.

Pastimes - Most people assume that Banshees have normal lives of their own during the daytime, when they are not screaming. At night, it’s hard for anyone to get past the screaming. Truly, it’s horrible.


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