Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Mitica Headhunter

Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Mitica Headhunter

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 24 Jan 2021

The hunters of the Mitica
Have prowled these woods for years;
They always know your passing
With their two colossal ears.

The overpowered jaws, excessive teeth
And beady eyes
Will haunt your children's dreams, they say,
Long after your demise.


"Before you agree to go head to head, make sure your enemy is not Mitica."

-from a classic Lyverian stand-up bit


Mitica Headhunter


Mitica Headhunter_lv6.png


Splinter - Anumün

Class - Ranged Crusher

Size - Other than their heads, the Mitica people are average in size. It has always been a mystery how they have such good balance when their heads are easily 3 times the circumference and weight of a normal Human head. Somehow they manage.

Lifespan - The three remaining Mitica tribes guard their family affairs very closely, so no one outside their villages knows about their birth and death records. It is also known that the Mitica view death very differently than the rest of the Splinterlands. When a Mitica Headhunter dies, another is wrapped up in their spirit. This basically means that every new generation of Mitica literally contains every one of their ancestors’ memories and experiences.

Weapon - The spears of the Mitica, like most of their tools and traditions, are of a special secret craft. In the ancient days before the Splintering, the Mitica were known as the Spear and the Palavan were known as the Sabre. The two civilizations both crafted expert weapons of the old world, and they were always feuding with one another.

Habitat - The village of Mitica sits near the Gulf of Greenforth, a ways north of the Swamps of the Living Moss. This little, marshy village is all that is left of what was once one of the strongest civilizations on the Planet. The people of Mitica are overwhelmed by what has become of the outside world; they now do almost all their trading with handpicked merchants who are invited into the Mitica villages.

Diet - The Headhunters have always been extremely good at one thing: Hunting for food. In the region of Anumün where they live there are so many wild animals that it’s truly a hunter’s dream. The fires of the Mitica can be seen burning most nights, even from far away Lyveria. It is at these nightly fires that all three Mitica tribes come together in peace every single night and eat together.

Allies - The tribes of Mitica, after thousands of years of feuding and warring among themselves have finally reached lasting peace. They have bonded in brotherhood in support of the ancient ways, and against everything new in the world they cannot understand.

Enemies - For years and years, the Palavan to the north have been the mortal enemies of all Mitica. Palavan made the sabre, and Mitica made the spear. To Mitica’s dismay, the new Kingdom of Lyveria chose the sabre over the spear. Just like that, the Mitica’s usefulness was lost to the new world. They blame the Palavan.

Pastimes - The Mitica do not spend a single minute of the day doing nothing. If they are not hunting, socializing or preparing food, then they are almost always creating some hand craft simply to keep themselves busy. They also distill their own brand of alcohol, of which they drink a fair amount most nights while they dance and sing around the dying fire from the night’s feast.


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