Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Magi of the Forest

Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Magi of the Forest

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 26 Oct 2020

Older than most trees,
He guards the leaves and streams,
Without his eyes he sees,
While wide awake he dreams.

Magi of the Forest




Splinter - Anumün, the Earth Splinter

Class - Ancient Mage

Size - The Magi of the Forest is a small gentleman, shorter than most but taller than some. His magical powers allow him to bend time and space to some degree, so he could present himself in a number of different ways. He chooses a non-threatening and polite individual.

Weapon - The Magi of the Forest possesses a weapon of such power that some of the Ancient Ones have argued that he is not worthy to hold it. The Branch of Beld is a petrified staff from before the Splintering, a time when ordinary items could be strongly infused with magic. Some of those magical items have stuck around through the years. The Magi’s spirit has fused with the Branch of Beld, and now he no longer needs to carry the staff to enjoy its benefits. Some even speculate that he has lived for so long only thanks to the magical weapon. The Magi knows this is not true, but he hasn’t the time to go around dispelling the squawks of false rumors.

Lifespan - The Magi of the Forest is approximately 850 years old. He does continue to age, but so gradually that it is unnoticeable within a normal lifetime. Long ago, when magic was still plentiful in the Splinterlands, he discovered his own secret to ever-extended youth. Some day, he will die, but the Magi realizes that day may still be thousands of years from now.

Habitat - The Magi of the Forest resides in the Magi Tower, high in the Seed Mountains. From there, he can watch over Summoner’s Green, his school in the Western Wood. Even with such a formidable residence, the magi spends much of his time traveling abroad.

Diet - The Magi of the Forest is well-known for his adventurous eating habits. He travels far and wide, and will always eat what is placed in front of him. Perhaps he is emboldened by some mysterious form of digestive magic. He has even been seen eating Naga Sleem, the most revolting dish imaginable by any but Naga standards.

Allies - The Magi of the Forest has many friends throughout the Splinterlands. Many believe that he is quietly organizing the world according the Spirit of the Forest’s will (or perhaps his own). The Magi’s alliances are even more plentiful than those of the Order of the Silver Shield.

Enemies - For some time, the Magi of the Forest has been the subject of numerous and ongoing Gloridax investigations. They fancy themselves covert, but he has known for years. The paranoia of the Dragonfolk is merely amusing to the Magi; he knows they have no real authority over him.

Pastimes - For a man who has lived for nearly a millennium, the Magi of the Forest continues to live life to the fullest with the vivacity of an excited youth. He adores music and the theatre; he can always be found at the fanciest events of Splinterlands society. Although he no longer summons on the tournament level, the Magi takes great interest in all the Mount Mox games, as well as the more subtle Gloridax machinations.

History - In the year of the Splintering 202, a Lyverian priest named Xantar Silva discovered a way to summon monsters to battle at his bidding. With Silva’s Spell, the essence of a monster is transported from the physical realm and projected into a designated space. Even more fascinating was the fact that monsters summoned in this way were never actually harmed in their physical bodies. Win or lose, the monster always found itself back in its home unscathed.

The Spirit of the Forest quickly took notice of this incredible discovery in those times of dwindling magic after the Splintering. Xantar Silva was taken deep into the magical shroud of the Hungry Wood, where he was taught and guided by the Spirit of the Forest herself in the shadow of the Eldest Tree. During these years, Silva drank only the waters of the River of Wisdom, which no one had enjoyed since long before the Splintering. His magic and knowledge was expanded beyond comprehension, and Xantar Silva underwent the transformation of a hundred lifetimes.

When finally Xantar Silva was led from the Spirit’s Grove, the vastness of all existence lay before him. He had shed his name. From that day on, he became known only as the Magi of the Forest. After forty years with the Spirit of the Forest, he knew it was time to teach the people the ways of summoning. He went immediately to a sacred place in the Western Wood of Anumün, now called Summoner’s Green and said to himself, “Here I will make my school.”

Having discovered the secret to vastly long life, the Magi spent a full eighty years building a great tower in the valley that cuts the Seed Mountains asunder. For much of the work, the Magi had to enlist the help of Stone Golems, who were happy to do so in exchange for the great stories the Magi would tell.

From atop the newly completed Magi Tower, the Magi of the Forest peered off at the River of Life, glistening in the setting sun. Far in the distance he could see his school, Summoner’s Green, with dozens of hungry, magical minds who seek only to summon. The Magi of the Forest knew not that he was crafting the very future.


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