Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Jarlax the Undead

Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Jarlax the Undead

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 26 Dec 2020

Swallowed one too many souls
A long long time ago,
Now his emptiness controls,
The thirst will only grow.

Jarlax the Undead


Jarlax the Undead_lv6.png


Splinter - Mortis

Set - Beta

Class - Vampire Death Summoner

Size - Jarlax is a towering dark presence that stands high above nearly every other summoner in the arena. Still, his physical self has mostly wasted away and what remains is almost purely energy, draped in certain intimidating regalia that makes Jarlax feel stronger in this realm.

Lifespan - Jarlax is no longer a Dark Eternal. He has very little hope of being set on the true path to the Dark Reality, thanks to the soul harvesting he has practiced for so long. Years of feeding on the souls of the living has transformed this Dark Mage, and forever he will remain an undead Vampire Summoner in hiding from the Dark Eternal Collective.

Habitat - As a Dark Fugitive on the run, Jarlax does not keep a permanent home anywhere in the Splinterlands. He hides in caves, ditches and abandoned structures, and when he has harvested a fair number of souls, he moves on. In recent years, Jarlax has spent most of his time in the Burning Lands, where Kobolds, Efreet and Serpentines are plentiful. He is occasionally permitted to summon for the Dark Eternals in the Mount Mox tournaments, where he is given modest quarters and granted temporary immunity from capture.

Weapon - Before he was twisted into his current vampiric form, Jarlax nearly mastered the arts of Dark Sorcery. He has incredible spells and powers at his bony fingertips, and has no need for physical weapons. He can harvest the souls of even the largest monsters with ease, which has made him rich in Dark Energy.

Diet - Soul Harvesting is a tricky business that has been long forbidden by the Lord of Darkness. The living must be enlisted willingly to the Dark Path, and soul harvesting quickly becomes a voracious dependency that keeps Dark Eternals from advancing. Furthermore, a harvester of souls (Vampire) can never get enough. Jarlax has been consuming the souls of the living for over a hundred years.

Allies - Vampires do not have many friends. They are shunned by the Dark Eternals and feared by the living everywhere in the Splinterlands. The only allies that look out for Jarlax are the Gloridax administrators of the Mount Mox tournaments, who value him for his summoning skills. Jarlax has also recently made the acquaintance of three Serpentine brothers in the southern Burning Lands named Sasho, Groko and Friko. He enjoys occasional visits from these three and has no (immediate) plans to eat their souls.

Enemies - Jarlax the Undead trusts no one. He is an official enemy and fugitive of the Dark Eternal Collective. If caught, he will receive nothing less than the Life Sentence. To be alive again would be the worst fate imaginable. He is also feared universally by the living, although they have little power to stop him from his soul harvesting ways.

Pastimes - As a Vampire, Jarlax is entirely devoted to finding souls to consume. He does not sleep, he does not relax. His tortured undead existence keeps him in the bounds of a neverending journey to collect and horde Dark Energy. He doesn’t even want the Dark Energy anymore, but his thirst cannot be quenched. Jarlax is even willing to accept help from anyone who can save him from the Vampire’s need.


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