Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Fire Demon

Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Fire Demon

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 24 Oct 2020

Fire Demon, pure and true,
Fight against the tide;
The waters will be burning you
Unless you burn your pride.

-from the Seedling Rhymes

Fire Demon


Fire Demon_lv6.png

Splinter - The Burning Lands

Set - Alpha/Beta

Class - Range Attack

Lifespan - Fire Demons, although they can be killed, never die of natural causes. As long as the great lava flows on the surface of the Burning Lands, Fire Demons will survive and thrive. It also seems that the more often Fire Demons kill one another in challenge combat, the more new Fire Demons appear. It is presumed that Fire Demons are born from the lava itself, but no one has ever witnessed this.

Weapon - Fire Demons use fire variations of common weapons, such as a sword with a blade of flame or an ever-blazing arrowhead. There are fire axes, fire pikes, fire whips and fire lances. Some Fire Demons ignore the aesthetic appeal of physical weapons and simply hurl fireballs.

Size - The size of a single Fire Demon is not a constant thing. Naturally, they are about the size of Humans, but they can grow based on the surrounding temperature, their level of rage and the moment’s need for survival. Even in the most favourable conditions for growth, the most powerful Fire Demon could only grow to be as large as a medium-sized Dragon. The smallest Fire Demons are roughly the size of Dwarves, and the largest can stand eye-to-eye with Cave Trolls.

Habitat - Fire Demons could be found in the lesser populated areas of the Burning Lands, if anyone was ever out looking for one. They despise the Torch and refuse to live under Ferexia rule. Most of the Fire Demons live near the edges of the Splinter, where they can continually draw energy from the Ring of Fire. The greatest concentration of Fire Demons is in the vast wasteland in the east called the Unknown.

Diet - Even though they are able to eat, it is unlikely that Fire Demons require any sort of food. Fire is their food, their fuel, their entire lives. The hotter the fires with which they commune, the more powerful a Fire Demon can become. The Demons are known to gather once yearly for a massive hellaphant roast. In this ritual, the Fire Demons hunt down the mightiest hellaphant in the land and roast it over a gigantic ritual fire. They use most of the meat to make blackened jerk, a Fire Demon delicacy.

Allies - Fire Demons have been known to work with the Dark Eternals of Mortis in their missionary work, but only when it conveniently aligns with their goals of population control in the Burning Lands. They are themselves a different type of creature than most of the living, so Fire Demons can relate to the Dark Eternal situation. They are also strongly allied with one another, knowing that they are all part of the same flame.

Enemies - Fire Demons do not concern themselves with the greater goings-on of the Splinterlands. They know the world will burn, but in the meantime, they are stewards of the Burning Lands. It is their mission to limit the contagious spread of Ferexia vermin that has infested and invaded their home.

Pastimes - When they are not engaging in acts of sabotage and rebellion against the Torch, Fire Demons are almost always relaxing in the hottest places of the Splinter. They are able to recharge and unwind by sitting on a steam burst, taking a swim in Mitreyya’s Hand, or burying themselves under superheated stones.


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