Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Dwarven Wizard

Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Dwarven Wizard

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 12 Dec 2020

By twisted beard,
When magic flares,
You'll be beat
By Dwarven wares.

And though they tinker
With machines,
The Dwarves, they know
What magic means.

Dwarven Wizard


Dwarven Wizard_lv6.png


Splinter - The Burning Lands, Anumün, Khymeria

Set - Essence Orb

Class - Epic Enhanced Mage

Size - Like all Dwarves, Dwarven Wizards are small in height but large in weight. Some of the Wizards wear special boots of their own craft that actually reduce their weight using complex magnetics.

Lifespan - Dwarven Wizards take every measure possible to allow themselves the longest possible lives. There is no Dwarven sorcery known to prolong life, but these Wizards, wishing for longer than thirty years, often travel to distant lands to seek out exotic methods of magic. There have been several successful Dwarven Wizards, such as Liprocobbus the Old and Vilorpy Din Prodiac, who have lived to one hundred and beyond.

Weapon - These magical warriors are skilled in the basic arts of combat and the use of standard Dwarven weaponry, but their true magnificence comes from what they call “synthetic sorcery.” It is very difficult for any Dwarf to find innate magical abilities within themselves, so they employ the help of engineering and innovation. Each Dwarven Wizard wears a device on his hand called a Surge, which sits gently against the Dwarf’s palm at all times. These Surges are created by the mightiest Dwarven Smiths from secret metals deep beneath the ground. Each Surge is specifically designed for the bio-activity of its own wearer. The science of synthetic sorcery is rather complicated. Basically, through the intuitive power of the Surge, the Dwarven Wizard is able to create, recall and amplify a variety of magical spells. Many races other than Dwarves have attempted to cast using Surges, but they have consistently failed with catastrophic results.

Habitat - Most Dwarves are confined to the Burning Lands, since that is the land of their origin and they cannot easily travel on boats due to their extreme heaviness. A normal Dwarf can never hope to leave the Splinter by ship, unless he is wealthy enough to reserve the entire boat and have it specially outfitted. Some Dwarven Wizards on the other hand are able to travel the seas, thanks to the special boots they wear. The boots are called magfeet; they are able to effectively reduce the weight of a Dwarf by five to seven times. Magfeet are said to have been first created by a deep underground race known as the Venari to assist the Dwarves. The Venari are still unknown to the vast majority of the Splinterlands.

Diet - The Wizards of the Dwarves have in their travels developed more exotic tastes for food than their clansfolk back home. Most Dwarves of the caves eat a consistent combination of fungi that are all grown by their people in carefully controlled environments. The most well-known (and frequently mocked) of Dwarven foodstuffs is the hairglop, which is made from the recycled fast-growing hair of Dwarves, a virtually endless resource. The Dwarven Wizards who travel the Splinterlands have found a world of strange and delicious cuisine. Needless to say, they do not miss the hairglop.

Allies - When abroad, Dwarven Wizards must always think about money and living expenses. They are willing to fight for summoners of any element in tournament battle, but they do not take sides; they merely want their pay. While Dwarves in their Burning Lands homes tend to be quite grumpy, traveling Dwarven Wizards are jovial. They get along well with nearly everyone they meet. Dwarves enjoy nearly all forms of music, so singing is often a way for them to bond with new friends.

Enemies - While it would seem that Dwarven Wizards would emulate the gifted mages of the world, it rather seems that the Dwarves are infuriated by their abilities. Dwarves have always longed for magical powers of their own, mainly so they could extend the lives of their people. Through the generations, they have tried many methods to access some of the fleeting magic that remains in the Splinterlands, but the only thing that has worked has been the synthetic sorcery of the Surge. Although they now possess a lesser version of magic, Dwarven Wizards despise the truly gifted mages, wizards and sorcerers of the world.

Pastimes - The tech marvel of the magfeet boots has allowed some Dwarves an opportunity to branch out socially and meet many new people. Many of these Wizards have discovered that they enjoy spending time in taverns and pubs, where people sing songs long into the night. The Dwarven Wizards have finally shared the ancient songs of their clans far and wide, which they once thought would be forever forgotten.


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