Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Divine Sorceress

Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Divine Sorceress

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 17 Dec 2020

Saved by sisters' sorcery,
Brave by trial and pain,
Wavering but never
Theirs is victory again.

-Humbolt Kharafax, Poet Laureate of Khmyeria


Divine Sorceress


Divine Sorceress_lv6.png


Splinter - Khymeria

Set - Reward Edition

Class - Epic Psychic Sorceress

Size - Divine Sorceresses are Khymians, roughly the same size as Humans. No one chooses the path of a Divine Sorceress because she is strong or powerful, but strength and power (in the mind) will come in time.

Lifespan - A Divine Sorceress has greater control over her own life in mysterious ways. They do not live longer than typical Khymians. It’s almost as if they can adjust the intensity with which they live, burning through years in mere moments if the desperation of the situation calls for it. If a Divine Sorceress is being tortured hopelessly with no way out, she can simply flip an internal switch and cease living.

Habitat - There is a special area on the grounds of the Peace of Light Monastery kept as the quarters of the Divine Sorceresses. A large and thick wall surrounds the community, for they do not wish to be disturbed by anyone. Currently some two dozen Khymian women live there together. Most of them are fully confirmed by the Order, but some newcomers to the sisterhood are still in intensive training.

Weapon - The signature weapon of a Divine Sorceress is her Sister Staff. Each Sister Staff, having been cut from the wood of the same magical tree 500 years ago, is bonded together through magic and love. As long as a Divine Sorceress carries her staff, she is always empowered by the combined magic of all her sister sorceresses.

Diet - There is a peculiar little nut that grows from one of the provision trees in Khymeria called the meelo nut. No one in Khymeria cares for meelo nuts except for the Divine Sorceresses, who care for several meelo trees in the gardens of their home. Without their diligent care for this disadvantaged species of provision tree, the meelo would have gone extinct years ago. Even for the Sorceresses, the meelo nut only makes up a mere 5-10% of their diet. They swear that without this nut, they could never achieve the same degree of psychic power.

Allies - Divine Sorceresses are said to answer directly to Khymia, although no Sorceress has ever been invited to an audience at her temple in the sky. In reality, they work for the Order of the Silver Shield, by whom they are frequently called upon for the most difficult missions. They say that when not even a Paladin can accomplish a task, a Sorceress must be brought in. They can wear disguises and infiltrate enemy territory undetected. Their psychic training allows them to remember with 100% accuracy all sensitive information spoken in their vicinity, and if they are ever caught, they hold up better to pain and torture than Orc Warlords. While they always answer to the Order and they are treated with respect, the sisterhood of Divine Sorceresses still keeps secrets of their own.

Enemies - The sisterhood of Sorceresses has developed a bond like no other group of women in Khymeria, which has led to a territorial distrust of Khymian men. This is especially true of the soldiers and knights of the Order; the sisterhood absolutely despises them. If a group of Sorceresses ever encounters a posse of common soldiers, there is almost always a brawl. Those fights go much worse for the soldiers than the Sorceresses. There is also a sisterhood of Humans in the Earth Splinter Kingdom of Lyveria called the Ladies of Dyr who use magic not entirely different than that of the Sorceresses. The Khymian sisterhood considers these Human women their bitter rivals, spitting on the ground when the name of Dyr is mentioned by anyone.

Pastimes - The thing on which the women of the sisterhood spend the majority of their time is gardening. They cannot grow plants as large or magnificent as those in the Earth Splinter, but they have developed many magical tricks to help their gardens grow. One fruit they grow in their walls is grapes, from which they make the sisterhood’s wine. The Divine Sorceresses only drink wine one night every month, when the moon is full. When they do, the Priests at the nearby Peace of Light Monastery do not get a wink of sleep, for the Sorceresses are noisy through the night.


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