Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Defender of Truth

Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Defender of Truth

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 15 Nov 2020

Truth in words,
Truth in deeds;
Truth is, everybody bleeds.

Defender of Truth


Defender of Truth_lv6.png


Splinter - Khymeria

Set - Alpha/Beta

Class - Magic Defender

Size - The current Defender of Truth, Perius Audax, is not a large Khymian. In fact when seen out of his armor, he is often mistaken for a young boy. Fortunately for Audax, the power of the Defender is not derived from their strength or stature, but the position they are given and the decisions they are allowed to make.

Lifespan - Defenders of Truth have historically had tenures of 20-30 years, and most have died in bloody conflict. As the ground general for the Silver Shield army, the Defender’s life is one of constant risk. Perius Audax, the current Defender, was the youngest ever appointed by Khymia to the position. The boy was only 13 when he was given the responsibility, and he is not yet 20.

Habitat - The Defender of Truth is kept at Cloudgard Castle, where he can always be quickly reached in the event of a dispute of truth. Audax is not kept there like a prisoner; it is a nice apartment and a good life. He is called upon by the Order quite frequently, but he is (mostly) certain they would allow him to leave Khymeria if he desired.

Weapon - Young Perius carries a large and shiny halberd but rarely uses it. The weapon itself was chosen simply because it matched the only suit of armor that fit the scrawny young man. He is required to carry it into tournament battle and into real battle. Fortunately, thanks to all the tournament battling to distract them, Perius has not yet had to experience a real batte. The magic of a Defender of Truth in battle is quite simple. It invokes the ancient power of the Silver Shield to defend the entire friendly team with Khymia’s loving light. This ability has been held for hundreds of years by every single Defender of Truth, going all the way back to before the Splintering.

Diet - Food has always been an annoyance to Perius Audax. Khymians (who have much slower metabolic rates than Humans) never require much food, and many of them fast for the length of a whole day between large meals. Because of the lingering shortage of animals from the Obliteration of Light, Khymians get 90% of their food from Provision Trees. The trees bloom year round, with many varieties of fruits, leaves, berries and nuts, enough in fact to provide total nutrition for any active Khymian. Still, Perius Audax goes for days without eating, even when urged to do so by the Silver Shield Priests. Although he is not aware of it, when Perius has not eaten recently, he becomes lethargic and irritable. He also begins to have difficulty discerning the truth in disputes of truth. No other Defender has had this problem before.

Allies - The Defender of Truth is entirely allegiant to the Order of the Silver Shield. At least, it would be unheard of for the Defender to ever betray the homeland. Although, if anyone could pull off such a betrayal, it may be the Defender of Truth. Who else would know that he was lying?

Enemies - The Defender of Truth (Perius) despises the Knights that live all around him at his home of Cloudgard Castle. To him they are disgusting and loud, and although they present themselves honorably to the Khymian public, they are very different behind closed drawbridge. The knights constantly pick on him for his weakness and his age. Some of them are jealous, thinking that they deserve more than he to be the Defender of Truth. For whatever reason, the knights make Perius’ time in Cloudgard less comfortable, and he would be happy if they all dove from the highest pinnacle of the Tower Mountains.

Work - The Defender of Truth is a highly respected position in the Order of the Silver Shield. The Defender with their protective powers is the ceremonial general of the Silver Shield army. The most important normal responsibility that comes with it is settling disputes of truth. It is etched in the most ancient Khymian scholar stone: “When truth is lost, the Defender will find it.” Whatever the Defender’s final word in these disputes, it is from then on decided to be the truth. A lesser (and lighter) responsibility of the Defender is to witness the marriages of Khymians in the lovelight ceremony. The Defender of Truth is the only one who can tell if love is true.

Pastimes - Perius Audax loves more than anything to go fishing. There have been no fish in the Khymeve River for generations, but his parents taught him of a place beneath Cloudgard, a secret path through the mountains. Through this path, which is five times quicker than the sanctioned road beyond Crystalline Harbor, Perius can sneak away and fish in the clearest waters imaginable. He fishes with a harmless net on a pole; he doesn’t even want to eat the fish that he catches. Perius doesn’t get out fishing as often as he’d like.


The True Story of Splinterlands

Once upon a time your game purchase meant something. You could go to the store and purchase a game, after which you would simply own that game. You could play as often as you'd like, because it was your game. As the game companies were one by one swallowed up by larger and larger game companies, a terrible thing happened to the gaming world. While the games themselves were always making improvements, the players were always throwing more and more of their hard-earned money into a corporate black hole from which they reaped no rewards.

How did the corporations convince the players to pay this money? Loot. They showered the players with in-game riches designed to create a sense of accomplishment, but with no real value. Not only are these in-game "assets" entirely subject to the whims of corporate overlords who rarely (if ever) have the player's interests at heart, but they never really belong to the player at all. They belong exclusively to the game for which they were created. If a player wants to quit playing the game,  they must also abandon their in-game treasures.

Blockchains are giving power and ownership back to the players, and it's about time. In this incredible and rapidly expanding world of technology it seems like such an outdated argument to be making, but the players (not the company) should own their gaming rewards. Blockchain, non-fungible tokens and games like Splinterlands are now making that possible.

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