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Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Air Elemental

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 1 Feb 2021

Open air cannot be caged
Nor whirlwind wear a chain,
To trap an element enraged
Will only bring you pain.

-Warnings Against the Wind - Old Lyveria Press

Air Elemental


Air Elemental_lv6.png


Splinter - Khymeria - The Life Splinter

Set - Alpha/Beta

Class - Elemental Range Attacker

Size - While air can take different forms and sizes, it is very difficult to measure its size at any specific moment. Like the way a big breath can expand your entire body, the swell of an Air Elemental can increase its size 10-20 fold. Air Elementals are measured in density, clarity and power, but the last is the only one that really matters.

Lifespan - Are Elementals really living things? It is a question that is debated widely throughout the Splinterlands. Clearly it is possible for skilled Summoners to concentrate the power of the Planet’s various elements into battle monsters, The trouble is that these Elementals seem to cease existing when they are no longer being summoned. Furthermore, Elementals are the only type of monster that can be summoned to essence combat that cannot also be found in the wild. One possible explanation is that upon summoning, an Elemental monster is literally born at that moment. By extension, it can be presumed that the monster dies when it is released by the Summoner. If this theory (held by the leading Goblin scientists) is true, the lives of Elementals are the shortest and most violent of any creatures in the Splinterlands.

Habitat - Air Elementals can be summoned with the greatest ease in a place where the air is most plentiful. For example, if a Summoner is standing on an open rocky plateau in strong winds, they will have an easier time summoning an Air Elemental than one in a stuffy bog suffocated by leafy trees. Elementals are also always drawn from the elemental energy of the specific location from which they’re drawn. If an Air Elemental is drawn from a cloudy sky, it may be able to attack with rain or even thunder. If drawn from a sandstorm, that is reflected in the way the Elemental is manifested. Once in the Burning Lands, Aggroedius Lightbringer famously summoned an Air Elemental in the shadow of a great volcanic eruption, at a time when ash filled the air. The Elemental was a terrifying beast of fire, ash and wind.

Weapon - The air does not require any weapons. When Elemental energy is concentrated to the point of becoming a summoned monster, its own elemental force is weapon enough. In battle, an Air Elemental’s attack looks like a whirlwind loosed toward its enemy. The size and strength of the whirlwind depends on many variables, including the skill of the Summoner and the environment. If the Air Elemental’s attack has the wind behind it, the enemy will almost certainly fall.

Diet - Air Elementals do not eat or consume energy in any way. Instead, they are the manifestation of the Summoner’s energy combined with the elemental forces from which they spring. There is an old tradition among Life Summoners that the more lightweight foods you eat, the greater will be your skill at summoning Air Elementals. This is likely not true, and highly offensive to the people of Anumun. There the Burn has taken hold in a peculiarly ghastly way; its victims are drained of their weight until their physical connection to the Planet is severed and they simply float away.

Allies - Air Elementals are summoned 90% of the time by Summoners from the Life Splinter of Khymeria, but they are not limited to that Splinter. Khymian Summoners have always shown favor to the element of air simply because the winds always blow strongly there. Chaos Summoners of Azmare are also very good at summoning Air Elementals, but they always lose in combat to those from the Life Splinter. The air itself answers (of course) to no one.

Enemies - Elemental forces in nature find themselves at odds with other elemental forces. The same is true when they are manifested as monsters in essence combat. The greatest enemies of the Air Elemental are the Death Elementals and Water Elementals, because air has great difficulty even existing when either are present.

Pastimes - Nothing is as free as the air, but even it is trapped in proximity to the Planet, inside an invisible bubble that separates the Splinterlands from the great beyond. But the air takes comfort in the fact that it surrounds everything and everyone in this world of chaos.


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Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts

Content Director for Splinterlands


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