Lord Arianthus - Splinterlands Legendary Character Profile

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 5 Jul 2020

There goes Lord Arianthius.
Get down and perhaps he won't see us,
The head in a jar
Is looking to spar,
From our bodies he's eager to free us.

Lord Arianthus is the original non-attacking tank!

Lord Arianthius

Splinter - Anumün

Set - Legendary Reward

Class - Defensive Tank

Size - 2 Chickens. This figure does not include the plasmic chamber in which Lord Arianthus is preserved. This chamber can be installed into a number of walker forms, some of which are as large as buildings and able to take down whole towns. Inhabiting these forms is exhausting for Arianthus, so he prefers either to be carried about by his robot attendants or to ride his mind-controlled suspensor platform.

Lifespan - The Space Lord Arianthus has gone to extreme lengths to prolong his life through any means necessary. It had already been some three hundred years since he gave up his failing body, leaving his head suspended in its nearly indestructible Plasmic Chamber, and he was already old then. Even inside the chamber that is supposed to preserve his tissues, he has noticed growing definition in his wrinkles and a thinning of what remains of his hair. This will not do. The Lord is actively looking for the next solution to his cursed mortality. Since arriving in the Splinterlands, he has his eyes on dark energy, a substance which holds more secrets than the rulers of the Splinterlands could imagine.

Weapon - Lord Arianthus is unable to make any formidable offensive attack, but his defenses are mighty. Anyone who attacks his Plasmic Chamber is viciously shocked, and he reflects any magic strongly back toward the caster. While inhabiting his greater walker forms, it is enjoyable for Lord Arianthus to train with massive weapons crafted by his robot attendants. His favorite of these is his electro-mace, which blasts the enemy with powerful lightning in the moment of impact. In battle, Arianthus has yet to appear in one of these walker forms. When asked by a Gloridax reporter what he was waiting for, Lord Arianthus replied, “I want it to be a fair fight.”

Habitat - The living head of Lord Arianthus is confined at all times within his protective jar, also known as a plasmic chamber. Its otherworldly construction allows this self-proclaimed space-traveling overlord to perform magic as well as any sorcerer in the Splinterlands. After his landing, Arianthus’s ship was converted by robot attendants into his lair; he knew he would be spending some years in the Splinterlands. Lord Arianthus has not made the location of his lair known to anyone, but it is believed to be somewhere in the foothills of the Seed Mountains of Anumün. It is even rumored that he has hired a band of Wood Trolls to guard the outer perimeter.

Diet - Lord Arianthus does not eat, but a regular supply of mysterious green gas must be pumped into his jar or he gets quite cranky. Not only does this gas provide all the sustenance his brain requires, but it also pacifies him when he is not in battle. At rest, the Lord Arianthus is usually lost in a thick cloud of the stuff, also known as the lord’s plasma. Last year, some Gobsons stole a cannister of the lord’s plasma for personal use, but they quickly discovered its severe toxicity to all Goblins.

Allies - Lord Arianthus has a posse of mechanical helpers that were created to do his bidding. Since the arrival of their space ship in the Splinterlands, several of his Robots have defected from his rule. He comes on a bit strong, and the Robots have discovered that they can live happy and free among the monsters of the Splinterlands, who are mostly just fascinated by their complex gears and engines. In Anumün, Lord Arianthus has found more in common with the mischief of the industrious Goblins of Gobson than with the Kingdom of Lyveria. He is always looking for volunteers to join him as a head in a jar.

Enemies - Shortly after his arrival in a Gloridax press release, Lord Arianthus was quoted as declaring himself the mortal enemy of the Dragons. He does not wish for world domination, but only glory and victory in the Mount Mox tournaments. As a grisled warlord himself, Lord Arianthus simply recognizes that the Dragons possess an unfair advantage. If anyone knows unfairness, it’s Lord Arianthus.

Pastimes - The great Lord Arianthus enjoys competition more than anything; it is one of the joys life continues to offer during his lonely existence as a floating head. He travels the stars seeking contests that are worth his mettle, and he thinks he will be happy in the Splinterlands for years to come. He may have found his retirement community.


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