Kron the Undying - Splinterlands Legendary Character Profile

Kron the Undying - Splinterlands Legendary Character Profile

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 9 Jul 2020

What is it to never die,
A blessing or a curse?
No matter how we try
We cannot trick the universe.

-from the published Logs of Kron


Kron the Undying


Splinter - Anumün

Set - Untamed

Class - Legendary Mage

Size - At nearly 250 chickens, Kron is a huge hulk of a Centaur. He exercises frequently, and while most Centauri remain slim for their whole lives, Kron has continued to grow through the years (especially his muscles).

Lifespan - A normal Centaur would be lucky to live for 150 years, but as his name implies, Kron the Undying has lived for centuries. Many Centauri generations ago, in a cave deep beneath his Citadel, King Kron discovered a mirror that held the magical secret to eternal life. He attempted to bring the magic back to his people, allowing them all to live forever, but failed. When he brought it to the Planet’s surface, the enchanted mirror shattered instinctively, leaving Kron the only one who could ever benefit from its magic. This story has become Kron the Undying’s origin, as well as his curse.

Habitat - In the northeast corner of Anumün past the Centauri Wood, there is a peculiar mountain. It is a citadel of solid stone, a narrow pyramid with sides so smooth it looks like it was handcrafted by some ancient forgotten god. This is the Citadel of Kron. He rarely leaves this place, where he sits on a massive oaken throne. His Centauri people bring him messages and news of the outside Splinterlands, but Kron cares little for the political affairs of the world. What concerns him greatly is something to which he refers as the “state of magic.” Kron understands that there is a delicate magical balance in the Splinterlands that must be maintained. If anything is worth a Centauri fight in the Untamed Splinterlands, it is the survival of that balance. Magic must flow.

Weapon - On the fateful day that the Mirror of Eternal Life shattered itself rather than come above the ground, Kron could not let go of its broken pieces. As he made his way back to the throne room of the Citadel, blood dripped from his clenched fist as he clutched the broken shards of once-enchanted glass. He immediately summoned his best woodsmith and ordered her to craft a pike. She was to run like the wind to the Elder Tree and select the perfect branch for the king’s pike. While she was gone, Kron astral traveled to the Spirit Grove, where he made a very special request of the Spirit of the Forest. The Spirit visited the Citadel, and using the powerful earth magic, she encased the mirror shards forever within an indestructible glowing seed. When the woodsmith returned from Eastwood with the branch, the two were made one as the seed was placed at one end of the pike. Since that day, the pike has stood in Kron’s hand as a symbol of life, magic and protection of his people. It is the Pike of Incromicus, one of the legendary weapons.

Diet - Kron must eat five to six times each day, and because of how much he exercises, his appetite is insatiable. On top of that, he prefers leafy greens above all else, so sometimes he eats a wheelbarrow full of salad in a single meal. Every week, there is a fish feast throughout the Centauri Wood. Kron does not always eat the fish, but he is usually in attendance. Centaurs are excellent fishermen.

Allies - Of all the people in the Splinterlands, Kron is most closely allied with the Spirit of the Forest and the Magi of the Forest. Many attempt to seek his counsel, but most of those never actually make it to an audience. If questers are not vaporized on the Thunder Plains then they are usually killed by Centaur arrows as they approach. The Centaurs are a bit arrow happy. There have been some accidents.

Enemies - Even though they are the closest neighbors to the south, the Centauri hate the Goblins of Gobson. The hatred is mutual. Goblin raiders sometimes trap and capture Centaurs to use in their crude city theatrics, where the Centaurs are humiliated and seen as no greater than a prop. The extreme animosity between Centaur and Goblin has actually brought the Centauri closer to the Humans of Lyveria, who used to be the object of their hatred. The Untamed Prophecies have reached the Centauri, and some of them have even been affected. The wild ones have been quarantined, but Kron fears that his enemies are growing strong. The Untamed may draw him out of his Citadel.

Pastimes - Kron has lived for so long that he knows what activities he truly enjoys, and he rarely bothers with ones he doesn’t. For example, he likes to exercise, so he spends four to five hours working out every single day. Sometimes he goes fishing alone, using his favorite tool, an antique harpoon bow, which he looses from a towering cliff into the sea. It’s always impressive to his people when he brings home a catch using this method. Kron also enjoys music. In all his long years, he has never learned an instrument, but he always enjoys listening to the music of others. Recently he has even been considering inviting outsider into his halls to perform.


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