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My top 3 best recent news from Splinterland

By Titopx | SplinterlansTitopx | 25 Feb 2023

We are already getting the idea that 2023 is a year of many changes in the game, but we have not yet realized that in the few days that the year has already modified many things that we have been able to adapt to our gameplay.

The soul anchored cards are a daily bread of the active players and there is still no direct counter of some specific skills such as "recruit" in the new summoners but we are just starting.

In this last week Splinterland has released some news that are important for all of us who play the game, I have ordered them from less to more important according to my criteria and I am going to present them again in a small summary.



Market Listing Fees & Expiration


In this announcement they make it clear that they want the market to stabilize as much as possible, basically they explain that each transaction they want to do in the market will cost 1 DEC or 1 Credits commission to avoid an exaggerated amount of listings that must index within the same.

Besides that they also add something very good which is the expiration of the listing, which means that 30 days after having placed for sale or rent your card if it is not sold or rented is automatically withdrawn from the market, this will avoid the millions of "dead" offers that has the market with records uploaded many months ago, also makes them keep updated the prices of the cards with respect to active players.

For more details you can visit this post: Market Listing Fees & Expiration


Various Ranked Battle & League Rating Changes


In this news we talk about changes that seem small, but end up being of vital importance for those who play in bronze and silver leagues above all.

First we have the change of the mana limits in these leagues and the decrease of the percentage of using unlimited mana in each battle, particularly in these leagues the changes are: Bronze League: Minimum mana 12 - Maximum mana 40 Silver League: Minimum mana 12 - Maximum mana 50.

Although the minimum remains exactly the same, the maximum of both leagues changes, since previously the maximum in the bronze league was 30 and in the silver league it was 60, changes that according to them would give more dynamic gameplay to those who usually play in those leagues and leave the most mana in games of gold or higher leagues.

Then something that is very good is the updated cup reset, which basically would make that anyone who stays in the "I" league would not let you go down to the lower league in the next season, that is to say that if you stay in "Silver I" your reset would be at the minimum of "Silver III" and so on, this would make that from the beginning of the season you could start in your common league.

For more details you can visit this post: Various Ranked Battle & League Rating Changes


FINAL Chaos Legion Legendary Summoner Airdrop Revealed!


Finally the revelation of our last Airdrop legendary card in chaos legion, it is just a few packs away from running out of the amount available for sale which would mean the end of an era in splinterland, and all this leads to the last and perhaps most coveted card of all in the Airdrop.

"Lily Shieldpaw" will be released with the end of Chaos Legion sales which means that not many packs will then have the chance to get it, which would basically say that your only way to have it is directly at the launch which will be next Tuesday.

Looking at her stats and what she would cause in the game, it seems to me that she can be one of the most powerful summoners that this card game has released, discarding of course others that are at an insurmountable level like "Lux Vega" for example.

For more details you can visit this post: FINAL Chaos Legion Legendary Summoner Airdrop Revealed!


Final Comments

We are still in the process of changes and at the time of writing this publication have made more interesting announcements, which makes us think that we will continue to get good updates and new things to analyze and comment in the future, following more than everything expressed in the "Road Map" of the game.

I hope that the main function of these updates is to bring and keep new players, that it can transcend and grow as we continue to play it, and that the fact that it is P2E does not mean that at some point it can become an Esports as many of the developers have expressed as a desire.

Great greetings to all Splinterland players.

Here is my referral link for those who have not yet started to play and are interested in the game:

All the Captures were made from the website and edited in Photoshop.

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Toda mi experiencia y estrategias utilizadas durante mi paso por Splinterlands que cada día se hace más y más entretenido y extenso, a pesar de no ser jugador profesional ni optar a estar entre los que podría ser una posible llegada los deportes electrónicos, si me esfuerzo para conocer mejor las dinámicas y opciones del juego.

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