Splinterlands Sells Out Land in Presale 2 - PRESS RELEASE

By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 30 Nov 2020


On Saturday, November 28th, Splinterlands’ Land Sale Presale Stage 2 was released. Within about 40 minutes, all 30,000 plot claims were sold, and now Splinterlands players, investors and collectors are looking toward Stage 3 on December 19th.

Stage 3 will be the last chance to purchase Splinterlands land at a discounted price (30% off). In the first Stage, claims were sold for the greatest discount of 50% off, and in last Saturday’s Stage 2 they were sold for 40% off. 

Following the third Stage of the Presale, land will only be available on the secondary market at HIVE-Engine, where the tokenized Plots, Tracts and Regions can be traded between collectors.

There will be a final Presale at a TBD time next year as Splinterlands prepares for the release of the lands in-game. In this final sale, land will be sold at the full price and only 60,000 Plots will be available.

For full details on the Land Presale, visit

For full available details on how these lands will  be implemented into the Splinterlands game, visit

Media Contact: [email protected]
Carrie Allen: Splinterlands Marketing Director


Press Release written by Chris Roberts, Splinterlands Content Director


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Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts

Content Director for Splinterlands


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