Splinterlands Seasons are the Heartbeat of the Game

By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 15 Jun 2020

Another fantastic Splinterlands Season is coming to an end. During this last fifteen days, Splinterlands saw a dogpile of new players, hit some major milestones and announced some huge deals and partnerships, but I'm here to talk about Seasons.

As I write this, there are just over six hours of battle time left to claim your position for the season’s end. In this article, I will quickly describe the various aspects of Splinterlands Seasons and what they mean to both brand new players and seasoned Splintral veterans.



How the Season Works

Each Season is around fifteen days long. The lengths of the Seasons vary slightly so that they can end at different rotating times throughout the day. Sometimes the Season ends when I’m sleeping. Fortunately this time, the Season’s end comes right smack in the middle of my afternoon, so I will be able to battle until the last moments (hoping for Champion II).

Throughout the Season, each player collects ranking points with each win in a ranked battle. If they choose their teams wisely, they will gradually rise in the Leagues through the fifteen day Season. The greater the League attained, the greater number of Loot Chests bestowed.


This information can all be found in "League Overview" at THIS LINK.


A player's placement at the end of a Season also determines the starting placement for the following Season, which begins immediately.

While Season Rewards are determined by the highest rank that a player achieved during the season, placement is determined by the actual ranking at which they finish. For example, if I have a great win streak and make it barely to Champion II, but then immediately fall back to Diamond, I will still reap Champion rewards. But if I finished in Diamond, I will be forced to start the next Season in Gold. As our players know, the Gold Leagues can be challenging for players of any skill or collection level.

Leader Rewards

This is huge, but you have to be an unstopppable Splinterlands machine to make this leaderboard. Each Season, 285 Booster Packs ($570 value) are given out to the top places according to the chart below. This makes for some fierce and dedicated competition. Do you have what it takes?


For a Veteran Splinterlands Player

For the real Splinterheads, the end of the Season is time to make a mad rush for maximum placement and rewards. For myself, if I am able to achieve Champion in a season, I am rewarded 120 Loot Chests, a nice step up from the 80 I would get for reaching Diamond I.

I don't know much, but I know this: More Loot Chests is better. Just last week I opened a Loot Chest that contained a whopping 61,000 Dark Energy Crystals (the value of a Gold Foil Legendary)!

Even if Loot Chests aren't your main goal, placement is important. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten stuck in Gold for half the Season simply because I wasn't able to reach Champion in the previous one.


For a Brand New Player

Coming in right at the end of a Season is the most perfect time to start your Splinterlands adventure. When you begin playing at the lowest levels, you must find some sustained victory before you can start earning substantial Dark Energy Crystals for your battles.

At the Season's end, so many players are battling that the entire pool of DEC is usually low. Players care more about achieving the maximum ranking than about collecting DEC. At the beginning of the new Season however, the pool is much fuller, as the most hardcore players take a break.

At the beginning of a new Season, a new player allows themselves the most possible time to achieve the greatest possible ranking. There is also a lot for a new player to take in when they first join Splinterlands, and having an entire season helps to ensure that no potential rewards are wasted or lost.

No matter where we are in the Season, there is no better time to start playing Splinterlands than right now.


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