Splinterlands on WAX? Cards, Packs and Lands!

By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 19 Feb 2021

In one of our most eagerly anticipated announcements in some time, Splinterlands will complete its integration with the WAX blockchain tomorrow, February 19th at approximately 11am EST.

The Worldwide Asset Exchange was one of Splinterlands' earliest partners and we have loved all the activity and growth we have seen on the WAX blockchain as they have lived in name up to their slogan: The King of NFTsWith a strong community, simple onboarding, easy tools for NFT creation and some of the best resources for releases, WAX has done accomplished outstanding things in the last year alone. They have brought in NFTs from huge names like Garbage Pail Kids, William Shatner, the Blockchain Heroes, Bitcoin Origins, KOGS and as of this morning, the video game giant Capcom with the release of Street Fighter NFT cards. WAX boasts (much like the HIVE blockchain on which Splinterlands is built) fast and free transactions, which makes them perfect for a two-way bridge for Splinterlands assets!


At Splinterlands, we have had an Ethereum bridge of similar functionality in place for some time, but it has been rarely used in light of recent network costs for transacting on the Ethereum blockchain. We expect the WAX bridge to have a great deal of traffic and very quickly. It has been requested by our community and WAX's for many months, and Splinterlands co-founder Matt Rosen is thrilled to have its completion ready for release.

How Does it Work?

While the Splinterlands game itself will not be playable on the WAX blockchain, the following assets will now be easily transferable to and from the WAX blockchain, where they can be sold on Atomichub at the dedicated Splinterlands subdomain. 

  • Cards
  • Pack Tokens
  • Land Claim Tokens

Transferring to WAX

To transfer any of the above items to the WAX platform you can use the normal method of transferring them through the Splinterlands game website and there will be a new option to transfer to WAX once the bridge is live. 


Assets will be sent to the WAX wallet address currently linked to your Splinterlands account, so please make sure to link your WAX wallet address if you have not done so already by clicking on your account name at the top right of the Splinterlands website and choosing the "Link External Wallets" option.

Please keep in mind that we cannot recover any assets sent to an incorrect WAX wallet.

Transferring to Splinterlands

Splinterlands assets held in a WAX blockchain wallet will need to be transferred back into the game in order to be used. New filters have been added to the card collection and card details screens in the Splinterlands website to view any cards held on the WAX blockchain in the wallet linked to the current Splinterlands account, as well as an option to transfer them back into the game.

Transferring assets from WAX into Splinterlands will require broadcasting a transaction to the WAX blockchain. The options on the Splinterlands website will set up the transaction for you and allow you to confirm and sign the transaction using either WAX Cloud Wallet or the Anchor wallet software.

Additionally, assets can be transferred from WAX into Splinterlands using any WAX wallet by sending them to the splintrlands account on WAX and including the recipient Splinterlands/Hive blockchain account in the memo. Please note that the Splinterlands account on the WAX blockchain is splintrlands (without the "e") since custom WAX accounts must be 12 letters long.

Buy, Sell, and Trade on AtomicHub

Splinterlands assets can be bought, sold, and traded on along with loads of other NFTs from many other games and projects, however Splinterlands also has their own page and subdomain on AtomicHub at which will only show official Splinterlands NFTs.

Please be aware that anyone can make NFTs on WAX/AtomicHub and there are many scams that make unofficial NFTs that look just like official ones. All official Splinterlands assets will be part of the splintrlands collection (without the "e") and will have a checkmark next to the collection name to indicated it has been verified by the AtomicHub team.


If you use the page then only verified, official Splinterlands assets will be shown.

All buying and selling on AtomicHub uses the WAX (WAXP) token and requires a WAX wallet address and wallet software to use. As mentioned above, WAX wallets can be created for free at and WAX (WAXP) tokens can be purchased on numerous exchanges including Bittrex, Upbit, Huobi, Bithumb, and KuCoin.

Mint Numbers

The AtomicHub platform tracks the "mint number" of each different type of asset and there are many people who like to collect first mints or low mint number assets. Splinterlands cards will also have mint numbers on WAX, however they will represent only the order in which the cards were minted on the WAX blockchain and not in the Splinterlands game. That means that the first Goblin Shaman card that is transferred from the game to the WAX blockchain will be the first mint of that specific card regardless of when it was actually minted in Splinterlands.

Splinterlands fully supports players trying to be the first to mint each type of card (each edition and foil version of a card is considered a separate asset as far as mint numbers go) or to collect low mint number cards on WAX, however we want to be clear that the WAX mint number of an asset has no utility or value within the Splinterlands game.

Additionally, when a card is sent from WAX back into Splinterlands, that asset will be burned on the WAX blockchain and its mint number will be lost. If the same card is later transferred back to WAX a new version will be minted. This is necessary since the card level, BCX, and image may have changed since it was last transferred back into Splinterlands.

Issues & Support

While we have done a significant amount of internal testing for the WAX-Splinterlands bridge, as with any new feature it is possible that there may be some unexpected bugs or issues that arise once it is released to players.

If you experience any issues transferring Splinterlands assets between the game and WAX, please contact us at [email protected] or in the #tech-support channel on the Splinterlands Discord Server.

Depending on the volume of support requests it may take some time for us to resolve each one, so please be patient, and be assured that we will make sure all assets get to the appropriate place.

Keep on the lookout for special promotions, sales, collaborations and giveaways from Splinterlands on WAX, and make sure you have linked your WAX wallet to your Splinterlands account!


See you on the battlefield!

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