Splinterlands' ΛZMΛRÉ Dice Release - 8/26 - All 20 Cards Revealed!

By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 26 Aug 2020

Is everyone ready for Splinterlands' highly anticipated release of ΛZMΛRÉ Dice tomorrow?




Remember, you will only be able to purchase ΛZMΛRÉ Dice with Dark Energy Crystals, which you can acquire in several ways. You can purchase them on HIVE-Engine (assuming there are some available to purchase), you can earn them as rewards for battling or find them in Loot Chests. You can also burn each and every one of your cards if you want to, for every monster contains a small amount of Dark Energy. It's up to you, but burning is forever.

The Cards of ΛZMΛRÉ Dice

Mylor Crowling



Although the Magi of the Forest hates to admit it, Mylor is the most gifted student who has attended Summoners’ Green in decades. In his hundreds of years, the Magi has taught many students whose ambition exceeded reason and morality. When he looks into Mylor’s eyes, the Magi still sees a power-greedy child. Against the headmaster’s wishes, Mylor responded to a Gloridax invitation to Mount Mox and now summons competitively in the tournaments. His style is wild and reckless and he laughs while summoning, like it is all a big game.


Goblin Dartling



For such light and simple-looking devices, it is a wonder how hard these little guns shoot their darts. The small-framed Goblins of Gobson are never quite prepared for the recoil of the dart guns, often being knocked off their feet as they fire. Perhaps they ought to call them dart cannons, but then what would they call the much larger dart cannon that is still in its final engineering stages?


Oaken Behemoth



Many years ago on the banks of the River of Power, a huge boar was entangled with a Dark Eternal Warlock in a fight whose stakes were greater than life itself. The Warlock was attempting to harvest the beast's soul, but this giant boar would not be taken without a fight. Every blast of dark magic from the Warlock only drove the beast into a greater frenzy. With a mighty charge, the boar rammed an old oak tree that sat near the river's edge. The tree fell, then rolled toward the Warlock and the beast, forcing them both into the rushing waters of the River of Power. They disappeared under the foam.

Several weeks later in a magical lightning storm, the kind that only hits Anumün once a generation, the Oaken Behemoth crawled out of the River of Power. Its every muscle and sinew are like an oak tree and it stands taller and stronger than any other beast in the western forest. It strides the woods near the river, protecting the waters from those not worthy of the power within.

Battering Ram



Battering Rams are the most ruthless of the charging beasts; they can be found in almost every Splinter. They are not very large or incredibly powerful, but they attack with the fury of much greater monsters. Because of the way the rams’ horns converge into a thick plate of bone, they are able to barrel into anything at full speed repeatedly without concussing themselves. Battering Rams are especially notorious for targeting the weakest or the slowest prey, then relentlessly pummeling them until they stop getting up.


Vera Selacia



Vera Salacia lives alone in the Salt Wastes of ΛZMΛRÉ, not far from the borders of Anenon. While most ΛZMΛRÉans regard the invading salt with loathing, Vera draws her summoning powers from it. She even has special enchanted salts infused into the summoning garments she wears to the Mount Mox tournaments. When asked about her summoning secrets, Vera merely says that she found a special cave in the Frozen Hell. No one even knows how she can withstand such extreme low temperatures.

When Vera summons a team to battle, she also summons a living ocean that spans the entire battleground beneath the feet of her monsters. The living salt water, taking the form of pillars and jutting spires, fights only for Vera Selacia and especially despises fliers. It leaps to incredible heights and pulls the enemy’s flying monsters out of the sky. The Dragons are fascinated by Vera’s methods; they are already attempting to recreate them for Gloridax ends.

Frost Lion



The vast plain of frost that sits in the shadow of Mount Maka is a cold and brutal place. It is there that the massive arena of Ninhelm sits, reserved for battles with the largest monsters in the Splinterlands. Besides those who live beneath the surface, the only creatures that survive in this land have frost and ice in their blood. Through the generations of evolution, they have developed sustainable sub-zero body temperatures and immunities to frostbite. The extreme cold has also slowed the metabolism of these frost animals, so the larger beasts have been able to thrive when less food is available. Among the animals who live on the ice shelf, the great Frost Lions are king.





Somewhere in time, waking from the most peaceful sleep and perhaps the deepest dream that ever was, Poseidon opened his eyes and saw light. Once upon a time, he was the one king and master of the seas themselves. He could command the waves or the direction of a river’s flow. Stretching his ancient arms he reached for his trident, and holding it once more he felt strong and safe.

The oceans that surround the Splinterlands are vast, wider than is known by even the oldest sailors. In their greatest depths are secrets whose remembrance vanished thousands of years ago, preserved in time and waiting to be revealed (or awakened). Poseidon is one of those secrets. Soon the Merfolk will know the one for whom their capital city of Poseidar is named.

Naga Brute



The hybrid species known as Naga has evolved in many different directions in the last thousand years. The water Naga of ΛZMΛRÉ can breathe both water and air, but they are the smallest Naga in the Splinterlands. The Naga of the Burning Lands are a brutal and superstitious people who have bred with the native Serpentines for hundreds of years, many of whom are gifted with magical powers. The Dragon Splinter of Draykh-Nahka is still the Naga stronghold of the Splinterlands. The largest and most powerful Naga are always born there. Some say it is because of the climate and others say it is the result of gradual breeding with Dragons. Since the seizure of power by Empress Suam Khepri (who is a Naga herself), Naga have been multiplying at an even greater rate in the Dragon Splinter. Many of them are threatening and pushy, as if they have had some secret glimpse of a future that is Naga-controlled.

Although they are strong, fearsome and intimidating, Naga Brutes live by a strange code of politeness that has kept a delicate (and lucky) peace between them and the Dragonfolk with whom they live side by side in Centrum. They never attack unless attacked first. But if you attack one, be prepared for the consequences.

Qid Yuff



Qid Yuff is one of the most well known Trolls in the Burning Lands. Although he has never bothered to learn the common tongue, his skills of summoning are unmatched at Mount Mox. He uses ancient Troll methods that are unknown even to the Magi of the Forest, who invented modern essence summoning. When he summons, Qid becomes a mysterious whirlwind of scattered runes, bones, scrolls, blades and blood. The monsters he summons appear at the field with a relentless fervor and crazed looks in their eyes. Even the weakest of them can strike like the blow of a piercing lance, and Qid just watches the mayhem with a grin.





The strongest weapons and armors in the Burning Lands are crafted by the Ferox Flamesmiths, a silent race of fire people who live beneath the mountains. A Ferox body consists of flowing magma held together by a single fero stone that sits at its core. If a Ferox is killed in combat, its fero stone ceases to glow, the magma cools and stops flowing, and the two horns fall to the ground. Ferox are made for the forge; they can handle superheated metals with their hands, they can harden and reshape parts of their bodies at will, and they can shoot fireballs. A Ferox Flamesmith doesn't just have all the tools it needs. It is the tools.





Deep beneath the cracked ground of the Burning Lands, under the lowest caves of the Serpentines lies a magical stone chamber that has sat undisturbed for many thousands of years. The stones that make the walls of this chamber are living; they are the Vuto-duum, ancient refugees from a distant destroyed planet. They have hidden here in the rocks since the lifeless times, infusing them with a special type of magic that emits a faint violet fog. A cave-in at the Dwarven mines above recently opened a thin passage all the way to the Great Lava Lake at 1200 fathoms below the surface, and the magic escaped.

A small wisp of the violet fog eventually found its way to the Lava Lake and dived in. With complete control over the molten rock, The Vuto-duum were able to finally craft the perfect stone body for their ultimate warrior. Caladuum is infused with all the ancient wisdom and knowledge of the Vuto-duum, as well as their magical powers. He is destined to free them forever from their prison of stone, and the Splinterlands shall know a new champion.




A small motley band of thieves called the Fist of Nob in Anumün recently made a big score by hijacking a caravan that was moving serious weight in seed coins. After taking a vote on how to use the money, the Fist decided that with the power of handheld explosions, they would be unstoppable. For what would be considered a fortune to any king, the thieves made a shady deal with one of the chief Engineers of Gobson. In return, the thieves were educated and equipped in the ways of Goblin explosions. With the Goblins’ help, the Fist of Nob was able to design a throwable weapon that causes a large and destructive proximity explosion on impact.

According to an ancient Lyverian text discovered by one of the more scholarly of the gang, the weapon was called a grenade. Thousands of years ago, grenades were wielded by wizards who used them to dominate fields of combat. Now that that power has been rediscovered, those who hold it may be able to turn the tides for the free people of the Splinterlands. The Fist of Nob renamed themselves the Grenadiers and set sail for Mount Mox.

Lorna Shine



The White Plains of Khymeria boast an extremely mild climate that allows for some Khymians to live in the elements throughout the year. Lorna Shine is one such Khymian. She wanders throughout the valley, visiting acquaintances and attending celebrations. Her skin is incredibly fair, no matter how much time she spends outdoors, and her red hair shines like a flame as she approaches from a distance at sunset. Lorna carries a huge sword on her back. When the sword is removed from its sheath for combat, it always does magnificent work.

Lorna has never much discussed it among her Khymian friends, but she has always felt a strong magical surge deep within her body. She knows that with proper training, and with the attention of the watchful Angels that protect her always, she has what it takes to become a formidable summoner in the Mount Mox tournament games. Lately, Lorna is ready for a new challenge, and something is calling her to combat. The arena awaits.

Lunakari Mistress



The existence of the Lunakari has been a secret to the Splinterlands until very recently, when a small group of these women descended. They stride about the lands of Khymeria like they own the place, claiming to anyone who protests that they are the true and rightful heirs to the Angels’ land. The Lunakari women speak with a breathy and ethereal dialect, reverently addressing one another as Mistress. Each of the Lunakari Mistresses carries magical powers the likes of which the Splinterlands have never seen. Any resistance they meet in Khymeria is quickly deescalated by their frightening charge of power and red glowing eyes as they begin to weave their strange Lunakari spells. The mere threat of a magic attack from a Lunakari Mistress is usually enough to convince a Khymian commoner to give over any (or all) of their possessions.





The flying tiger known as Kralus is the Angels’ messenger who has always delivered Khymian children at the beginning of their lives to the couples who would raise them. The name of Kralus has always brought joy to the people of Khymeria, for his coming has always brought a new Khymian child. But hidden within the ΛZMΛRÉ Dice is the secret to summoning Kralus to battle.


Dragon Spirit



A twisted spell was recently discovered by the Dragon mages, and now ghostly hybrids known only as Dragon Spirits are roaming the skies. Despite the best efforts of Gloridax egg care, the rate of egg failures has skyrocketed as the Splinterlands has been stricken with the Burn. The mages began their experiments hoping that they could salvage something of the Dragon that might have been. But when they perform these wild spells on failed eggs, they are not saving the Dragon’s life, but trapping it in spirit form and cursing it to wander the Splinterlands instead of having a chance with the next egg. The Dragon Spirits (fully aware of their situation) are ruthlessly resentful of everyone living, especially Dragons.


Owster Rotwell



Owster is one of the only living souls allowed to tournament summon for the Dark Eternals. He was discovered years ago in a Mount Mox cave by the Lord of Darkness, and is entirely unwilling to leave the shelter of the mountain. The Dark Lord, convinced that Owster would make a powerful death summoner, spent vast resources providing a remote Dark Eternal education to the boy. Now that he is a man, Owster Rotwell represents the Dark Lord's eyes and ears at Mount Mox, from whose grounds he never moves.


Marrow's Ghost



Marrow was once the mightiest Ogre in the Burning Lands. Day after day he sat at the highest point of Ogrewatch, a fact which signified that he was not only the biggest, but the strongest of the Ogres. Marrow relished in the idea that there were none like him, and no matter how many Ogres tried to overtake his precipice, he would cut them down one by one.

Through the years, Marrow became complacent in his high position, thinking that nothing would ever topple his power. The Ogres stopped trying, and Marrow became lonely. He would shout at the rocks themselves, he would issue challenges to the sky. One night, Marrow’s call was answered by a dark Shade spirit. The Shade tricked Marrow into signing the Dark Contract, then taunted him until Marrow took one step too far. The Ogre fell hard, bringing a great avalanche down on Ogrewatch and burying his broken body beneath.

Marrow is not whole Dark Eternal, nor is he living. He appears throughout the Splinterlands, haunting those who have become carried away with their own skills or powers, perhaps to remind them that the mightiest always fall.




Through all of his years of searching under the oceans of the Splinterlands, Jyitu Burudo knew that something was calling to him, something huge and powerful from somewhere within the yawning depths. When he discovered the lost underwater Mana well and the mystical cubes now known as ΛZMΛRÉ Dice, he could not even guess that there were monster essences within each one. Even once he learned the true secret of the dice, Burudo was infinitely humbled to learn that the great god of his people, Cthulhu himself, would reveal himself to the Splinterlands through these relics.

With eyes that can pierce through time itself, Cthulhu has watched, waiting patiently for this moment. He has been trapped in a great and consuming prison of shadow, unable to protect his Kulu people as they were all but destroyed by Chaos. But thanks to the unlikely discovery of the one brave explorer who heard Cthulhu’s call, the great Kulu god will finally make his entrance to the Splinterlands.

Brighton Bloom



Brighton was an eccentric young man of Shimmer City, the capital of Khymeria. He was always seen as a strange character among the Khymian summoners. In the best times, his peers thought he was simply a distraction from their important studies. In the worst times, his fellow summoners doubted and belittled Brighton’s abilities. They were also put off by the way birds always landed on his hands and shoulders. After just two years studying at the Shimmer summoning school, Brighton decided to leave Khymeria. His loyalty was available to the highest bidder, and that is where the Dragons came in.

The Gloridax cared not for Brighton’s strange idiosyncrasies; what mattered to them was his skills as a summoner. Furthermore, in Gloridax eyes oneness with birds has long been considered a sign of divinity. Brighton’s attraction to birds was quickly noticed by Suam Khepri, Empress of the United Gloridax, who assigned a team of aerial sorcerers to properly train the young man. When Brighton emerged from that training, he could grant the power of flight to any monster under his summoning control.




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