Splinterlands Land Sale Stage 2 + DYGYCON - Both Happening Saturday!

By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 22 Nov 2020

Get your fangs and claws groomed, get your manes did, and don your best tunic...
It's almost time to party with a bunch of wild blockchainers at DYGYCON.

The 28th of November

There are 2 exciting things happening on Saturday, November 28th. The first is stage 2 of the Praetorian Land Presale. The second is DYGYCON's Premier Virtual Event that you won't want to miss. In fact, you might as well go right now to Gamerjibe and register for the event. Then on Saturday, all you'll have to do is (virtually) show up!

Presale Stage 2


To all the little guys, budget battlers, and freemium wizards: This may be your chance to snag some land.

There was a wide variety of mixed reactions from the community about the way the first stage played out. I'm not here to weigh in or comment my opinions on the sale, so allow me to just run down the facts.

  • 30,000 total Plots were available in stage 1.
  • 27,000 of 30,000 were sold as Regions via a lottery system.
  • About half of those who entered for Regions were able to purchase one.
  • Only a small minority of those attempting to buy smaller amounts of land were successful.
  • The 30,000 total Plots sold out in 21 seconds.

Most of the community supported the idea of using the same lottery system in future stages of the presale, so that is what was decided by the game's founders.

Screenshot 20201122 071109.png

What does this mean for the little guys?

Basically, you can (at this very moment) prepay for PLOTS, TRACTS or REGIONS. By paying in advance of the Presale date, you will be entered into the lottery for your requested purchase once the countdown runs out.

With this lottery system, every land grabber will have equal chances of being approved. Winners will be chosen on a per account basis, regardless of how many PLOTs they intend to purchase. This means that a lot more small purchases will go through.

Let me explain a different way. Bob wants a Region so he forks over $9000. Carol wants 3 little Plots (she has 4 kids and is nervous that she won't have time to tend to more than that), so she prepays as well. Bob and Carol have equal chances of winning, because they have each entered once. Each account may only enter the lottery once, so make sure you choose the right claims!

The Forgotten Middle Child

As a middle child myself, I'm an expert on this phenomenon. Stage 2 of the Presale is Splinterlandsmiddle child. But don't fret, this is simply a better opportunity for players like you to sneak in and get some land before it's gone.

In the first stage, it was all hype and excitement. In the third stage, there will be mayhem as players try to get the very last of the discounted Praetorian land. The 2nd Stage is not getting the same kind of frantic attention, a fact which I blame on middle child syndrome. Check this out:

Screenshot 20201122 071858.png

Just like in the 1st Stage, the 2nd will sell claims to 30,000 Plots. In the above image, you'll notice how many have already entered the lottery. "Guaranteed Regions" are reserved for those who lost the Region lottery in the first stage, but only 5 have been claimed so far. Additionally, less than 2500 Plots have been entered.

So only 6 days away from the big day, only about 7500 Plots have been pre-purchased. It is of course difficult to tell what will happen through the week, or to ascertain any degree of whale strategy, but right now this is looking good for anyone thinking of entering the lottery.

Let's Talk Price

First off, none of this is investment advice. Don't blame me if you make a mistake. Thanks!

There will not be enough land to go around.
This is by design. In the entire Land sale, only 150,000 Plots will be sold. The final 60,000 will be sold at the "retail" price of $20 each. I hear a lot of people throwing around the idea that they are "worth" $20.

They may cost $20 in the limited sale, but none of us have any idea how much they will be worth.

Let's assume that the remaining 2 stages of discounted presale roll out smoothly and all land is sold very quickly. This will mean that only 60,000 plots will remain to be sold at "retail." I figure that the sale of these 60,000 plots will play out like an extra presale round, selling out very quickly as well.

Once those 60,000 are gone, the land is valued at the precise value the community agrees upon. That's the beauty of the free market and tokenized plots of land!

2bP4pJr4wVimqCWjYimXJe2cnCgn41dvg4a4TwnBNL6 1.png

If I must offer some advice, here it is. If you want land, the 2nd Stage Presale is your best chance! The first was a long shot, and the third will most likely be the FOMO party of the year.

For the original Land Presale announcement CLICK HERE.
For the details of Stage 2 CLICK HERE.


Don't Miss DYGYCON


We're going to finish up 2020 with a real bang by kicking off the coolest virtual event the blockchain space has ever seen. You can jump. You can dance. You can even roast mallows on the patio by the fire. You may forget that you're an avatar.

The event begins on Saturday at noon EST.


In the DYGYCON Auction House, we will be live auctioning NFTs. I'm talking exclusive 1 of 1 NFTs that you can only get by parking your avatar in the Auction House during the event and placing a bid. Just like the old days. Here's a sneak peak of one of these amazing pieces of 1 of 1 art.

Looking Up.png

We're handpicking original sketch art from the Splinterlands art team, Candy Calavera Studios! The first 3 pieces that we'll be auctioning at DYGYCON are Alternate sketches that were never used. Each one has a unique story, and each one will be owned exclusively by one lucky Splinterlands collector.

If you create, collect or trade NFTs and would like to submit something to be listed in the Auction House, email [email protected].

For the November event, we will be waiving the Auction House's standard 20% fee - so everything is free!


See you on the battlefield!


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