Splinterlands' First Land Presale Sells Out in 21 Seconds

By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 10 Nov 2020

On Saturday November 7th the first stage of the Splinterlands Land Presale went live, and sold out in 21 seconds.


Hundreds were lined up and waiting at the moment of refresh for a shot at some of a mere 3000 Plot claims that were available. Unfortunately, many who were hoping to get some land were disappointed in this stage, but luckily, everyone will have 2 more chances before the claims land at their "retail" price of $20 each.

The Details

The Presale, which had been eagerly anticipated by players for months, was officially announced on October 24th with THIS POST from the Splinterlands blog.

The Splinterlands Land Expansion plans to go live in 2021. With these Presale stages, players are purchasing discounted claims to unknown Plots of land in Praetoria. If you're wondering about how land will be incorporated into the Splinterlands game, please check out THIS POST with all available details.

The Region Lottery

1.5 Weeks before the Presale, based on greater-than-anticipated interest and player feedback, a lottery system was added to cover Region purchases from the first Presale. This allowed players to pre-purchase entire Regions in the days leading up to the Presale. By the time of the sale, 50 players had entered the lottery for a chance at 27 Regions.

You'll find the details of the Region Lottery at THIS POST on the Splinterlands blog.


The next opportunity to get some of the Wizards' land will be on November 28th with the Tunnelworks Ventures exploration. This stage will only offer a 40% discount, instead of the 50% discount that was offered in the first stage. Still, only 30,000 total claims will be sold, so we expect competition to be fierce.

Claims may be purchased in either Credits (which can be bought for various cryptos) or Dark Energy Crystals.


See you on the battlefield!

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Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts

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