Splinterlands' DYGYCON - List Your NFT Art in the Auction House!

By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 12 Oct 2020

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We are currently planning Splinterlands' first DYGYCON Virtual Expo. This monthly event will take place in a 24/7/365 virtual environment hosted by Splinterlands and designed to facilitate and foster connections across the wider crypto, NFT and gaming spaces.

To learn more about DYGYCON and the Expo, visit THIS POST or the DYGYCON Website (still under construction).

Here is a General Interest Form if you would like to be contacted about Sponsor opportunities or helping with the planning of DYGYCON.

The DYGYCON Auction House


We are extremely excited to be able to use the DYGYCON Expo to create a live art auction! With the majority of NFT markets and listing services, the artist is entirely on their own. Getting noticed in the NFT art world can truly be a challenge. We want to help!

With one of our designated Presentation Rooms, we will be able to list as many as dozens of pieces at each monthly event.  Better yet, each piece will receive its own exclusive attention and presentation. They will one by one be auctioned live to our audience of art collectors and NFT enthusiasts.

Guests in the auction will follow rules that resemble old-school live auctions, raising their avatars' hands to bid and waiting for bids to be called out by the auctioneer. For successful sales, DYGYCON will take 20% of the total amount to help finance and grow the Auction House. Artists whose works do not sell will be obligated to pay nothing; their NFTs will simply be returned to them.

We believe that everyone in the NFT art space will benefit from the  DYGYCON Auction House. Artists will have an opportunity to regularly share their work, offering it for sale in a charming and nostalgic virtual environment. We are confident that sales in our auctions will fetch prices that are at least 20% higher than those the artists would receive selling their work independently. 

Most importantly, artists who choose to apply for our whitelist and list their art with us pay nothing. If the art sells, they will be paid. What do you have to lose?

To apply for the Artists' Whitelist, please fill out THIS FORM. We will not share any of your information, but the more you can provide to us the better. While we are interested primarily in artists who have experience minting and listing NFTs, we are also highly open to first-timers and new discoveries. If you are interested in having your art displayed at future DYGYCONs (but not necessarily sold), please fill out the same form. 

We look forward to virtually seeing you all at the first DYGYCON on October 31st, and we cannot wait to share some of your amazing art!



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