Splinterlands: Card Rarities Explained

By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 8 Jun 2020

Do you know what it means when a Splinterlands card is rimmed with gold just before being revealed? Of course you do!


It means you are about to flip a Legendary card. If you have had the fortune of finding a Legendary NFT card in Splinterlands, then you know: It’s an exciting moment when that card shakes in anticipation of its Legendary identity being revealed.

Moments later, if the Legendary card turns gold, you know you’re having a great day.

Below are listed the four different levels of rarity in Splinterlands cards: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary, with drop chances for each in both regular and Gold Foil.

Common Cards - 75.2% Chance with Each Card

They are only common at a glance, and here’s why. The only way for players to level up their cards is to combine them. Commons at max levels are some of the strongest cards in the game, because it takes so many of them to reach the max level. These numbers also sometimes vary by set. For example, a Common card from the Alpha Set requires 379 single cards to reach the max level of 10, while a Common card from the Untamed Set requires a total of 400. No matter the set, it takes a lot of Commons to get a Champion-League contender, and once those cards are combined, they cannot be uncombined.



Because of the above-mentioned combining issue, as the number of players grows, the number in existence of each common will be reduced. Take for example the Elven Cutthroat.


She is a heavily-played card that is playable in any Splinter, part of the first set of Neutral monsters that was released. With Beta Common cards, 505 singles are needed to reach level 10. There are currently less than 18,000 Elven Cutthroats in circulation, which means that only 35 more max versions of this card can be created. As new players buy single-BCX versions of this card, even the potential of 35 more max Elven Cutthroats will be gradually reduced, one BCX at a time.

Take as another example Rusty Android, the #1 most “burned” card in Splinterlands. Over 61% of Regular Foil Rusty and a whopping 94.3% of Gold Foil Rusty have been burned for Dark Energy Crystals.


Even with all that burning, Rusty Android’s circulating supply is around 80,000, which is about 4.5 times higher than that of the Elven Cutthroat, a popular card to combine.

Burning Commons

When Regular Foil Commons are burned, cards from different sets turn into different amounts of Dark Energy Crystals. The following is how many DEC are given for burning 1 BCX of a Common from the given set.

Alpha - 30 DEC (Gold: 1500 DEC)
Beta - 15 DEC (Gold: 750 DEC)
Reward - 15 DEC (Gold: 750 DEC)
Promo - 30 DEC (Gold: 1500 DEC)
Untamed - 10 DEC (Gold: 500 DEC)

Rare Cards - 20% Chance with Each Card

With each 5-card pack opening, one card is guaranteed to be Rare or better. Beyond that, the odds are that one fifth of the cards flipped will be Rares. Maxing at level 8, they are much easier to level up than commons, but they also tend to be more powerful at lower levels. Even the lowest DEC-value Gold Rares (Untamed) can be burned for enough to buy an entire Booster Pack (2000 DEC)!


Burning Rares

Dark Energy Crystals Awarded for Burning 1 BCX
Alpha - 120 DEC (Gold: 6000 DEC)
Beta - 60 DEC (Gold: 3000 DEC)
Reward - 60 DEC (Gold: 3000 DEC)
Promo - 120 DEC (Gold: 6000 DEC)
Untamed - 40 DEC (Gold: 2000 DEC)

Epic Cards - 4% Chance with Each Card

Epic Cards are purple around the edge of the card before being flipped, and they show up roughly 1/26 of the time. Epic cards are usually fairly high-powered starting right at level one, with strong attacks of every type that only get stronger as they increase in level.


Burning Epics

Dark Energy Crystals Awarded for Burning 1 BCX

Alpha - 600 DEC (Gold: 30,000 DEC)
Beta - 300 DEC (Gold: 15,000 DEC)
Reward - 200 DEC (Gold: 10,000 DEC)
Promo - 600 DEC (Gold: 30,000 DEC)
Untamed - 200 DEC (Gold: 10,000 DEC)

Legendary Cards - 0.8% Chance with Each Card

Everybody wants the Legendary cards. This is where it gets a little more complicated, because Potions can change the odds.

When a Legendary Potion is applied to a card, the chance of it being Legendary is doubled to 1.6%. (Splinterlands Trivia: The deducted percentage is taken from the chances of only Common cards.)


Burning Legendaries (Not a decision to be taken lightly)
Alpha - 3000 DEC (Gold: 150,000 DEC)
Beta - 1500 DEC (Gold: 75,000 DEC)
Reward - 1500 DEC (Gold: 75,000 DEC)
Promo - 3000 DEC (Gold: 150,000 DEC)
Untamed - 1000 DEC (Gold: 50,000 DEC)

Gold Foil Cards

The below percentages are doubled when the Alchemy Potion is applied to card openings.


Gold Foil Common - 1.6%
Gold Foil Rare - .4%
Gold Foil Epic - .04%
Gold Foil Legendary - .00?%

Hopefully this article has been enlightening on some aspects of Splinterlands cards of various sets and rarities.

Remember, with Splinterlands, every card is a non-fungible token on a blockchain. That means that these cards are assets that you actually own.




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