New Reward Cards Entering Circulation - 29 June

By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 28 Jun 2020

These are the moments that Splinterlands players live for.

After much anticipation and many Reward Edition cards having gone "out of print," 14 brand new ones are just about to be added to the game.

How Do Reward Cards Work?

Splinterlands Reward cards are a special edition that can only be earned by opening Loot Chests. Loot Chests are won as rewards for completing Daily Quests and finishing Seasons. Only a portion of the Loot Chests contain cards (the rest contain either Dark Energy Crystals, Potion charges or Booster Packs), and cards are dropped with the same rarity chances as when opening Booster Packs. That means even with Reward cards, about 1 in 100 is a Legendary.

In a way, Reward cards are sometimes more special even than cards that come from Booster Packs. While Booster Packs can be purchased en masse by a "whale" and a collection built up very quickly, Reward cards cannot be bought (on a p2p market) until they are earned (only through playing). Some Reward Edition cards, such as Lord Arianthus, have withstood the Splintertest of time and proven to be some of the most played and loved cards in the game.

Just before the release of this new set of Reward cards, there are 25 Reward cards currently in circulation. For current details of Reward cards in and out of "print," check THIS LINK, created by one of our fantastic supporters.

The New Cards


1. Kretch Tallevor - Epic Dragon Summoner


Many of the Dragonborne do not take the full form of Dragons, but rather are endowed with certain dragonlike features. Depending on how many, and which dragontraits a person possesses, they are given (or denied) everything. Kretch Tallevor is himself an odd combination of dragontraits. He was born from an egg, which set him early onto a path of privilege and power among the Gloridax. Tallevor’s long, pointed teeth resemble the fangs of a Tunnel Dragon. His spiked tail looks like that of a wild Lightning Dragon, and the scales on his chest and arms are hardened like the famous Diamond Dragon. Kretch Tallevor’s weapon is a powerful enchanted scimitar named Yulusor.

2. Phantasm - Common Death Monster


Many of the creatures of Mortis are terrifying and mysterious, even to the Dark Eternals themselves. When the Dark Tzar convinced him so many years ago to tamper with the rules of death, the Lord of Darkness never knew the true scope of the multitude of terrors he would be unleashing forever onto the Splinterlands. The approach of a Phantasm is never expected. They are always presumed to be a figment of their victim's imagination, until the pain begins. The pain is very real.

3. Bila the Radiant - Legendary Life Mage


Only weeks after the thaw of the Khymian north, a lone woman descended from the heights of Angel Summit and trekked toward Shimmer City. She is a beautiful, luminous vision of a woman, and no Khymian could argue the divine origins of her journey. She came to the city as a benevolent savior, a selfless servant of the people, but also a wizard whose magical powers are unmatched on the Mount Mox battlefield. She fights solely for Khymeria, a fact which has attracted the suspicion of not only the Order of the Silver Shield, but the Gloridax and the Dragon Masters. Bila has made no pretense about the land from which she hails. She is one of the Lunaki, the original Moon Daughters who live today on an island in the sky.

4. Sand Worm - Common Neutral Monster


Huge Sand Worms have always lived in the desert of Draykh-Nahka, but with the recent uncovering of the various Untamed Prophecies, they have mysteriously grown even larger. They have also become more wild and free, somehow discovering how to escape from the Sands of the Dragon Splinter. Although it has never been witnessed, biologists believe that the Worms have learned how to swim. If they have indeed learned to burrow through water like sand, the Splinterlands will suffer greatly from their proliferation. In Mount Mox battle, Sand Worms can swallow monsters of nearly any size with no need to chew. They can even snatch fliers directly from the air, extending out of the ground even higher than the arena walls.

5. Silvershield Sheriff - Rare Life Sheriff


The horseback Sheriffs of Khymeria are tasked with enforcing Khymian law, especially in the places known for being riddled with dissenting Peacebringers. These horse-riding lawfolk live solitary lives with few friends. As they patrol through the streets of Khymian towns and villages, they are often pelted with rotten vegetables and told to “go back to Cloudgard!” Contrary to popular opinion (which is seeded by the Peacebringers), Silvershield Sheriffs are usually upstanding protectors of Khymian peace and freedom. They must have a strong moral character (and true aim) to put up with such abuse from those they protect.

6. Fineas Rage - Rare Fire Warrior


Fineas is a young warrior who lives alone in the outskirts of the Burning Lands’ Smoldering Forest. He moved from Lyveria some years ago when he was only a boy, knowing that the expert combat training for which he was destined was only available in the Fire Splinter. Quickly after settling in the burning woods, he joined up with the martial scrappers of Balfair. Once he learned everything he could from these rugged Human and Goblin fighters, Fineas retreated to his own treehouse as more teacher than student. Today he practices his skills only on the Mount Mox battlefield, where his whip whistles, cracks and sings with boundless fury.

7. Kelp Initiate - Rare Water Helper


There is a hidden cave borne into the wall of the abyss that holds the Dark Water in ΛZMΛRÉ. Inside this cave, there is a rarely-seen steam vent, but not an ordinary steam vent. Rather than hot air, the cracks in the rocks vent a shimmering and magical light that radiates from deep within the guts of the Planet. As the light gathered in the otherwise dark underwater cavern, the piles of kelp growing there were strangely affected. They came to life and formed into Kelp Initiates that quickly found their way out of the cave. They floated to the Mertropolis not as invaders or aggressors, but as healers and guides, bringing tidings from another world that exists far below this one. Their tidings are still murky, as the Kelp Creatures are only just figuring out how to vocalize the sounds of the Splinterlands common tongue. Still, they have already proven effective supporters in battle when summoned by a skilled Water Summoner.

8. Onyx Sentinel - Epic Neutral Golem


Long ago, a Dwarven king amassed enough onyx to create a single Golem, but his creation would not be controlled. It singlehandedly brought the Dwarf kingdom crashing down around itself, burying it in the ground for thousands of years. One day, long after the Splintering, a group of Kobold Miners accidentally freed the Sentinel. Their axes broke as they struck the beast’s stone body. The Sentinel’s eyes glowed with a deep red, and with a single sweeping blow it crushed the Miners. The Sentinel then began its long and lumbering escape from the prison of boulders. It finally made its way to the mouth of the largest cave into the Molten Mountains, where today it stands silently as a guard. The Sentinel is waiting for something, perhaps a great enemy against which the Mountains of Fire must be defended.

9. Grim Reaper - Rare Death Monster


Grim Reapers are often spotted by the dying, or reported by those who return from near-death experiences. Their faces are not shown. The Reapers’ black cloaks are so heavy that they scrape on the ground as they approach. Each Reaper’s long bony fingers clutch the handle of a great scythe. It is said that the Reaper’s scythe is used to literally cleave a soul asunder from its body at the time of death. In battle, the scythes are generally used as an unblockable projectile.

10. Centauri Mage - Rare Earth Mage


The magic of the Centauri people of northern Anumün is so secretive that it is a wonder their Mages make any demonstrations of their powers in the Mount Mox Arena at all. The audiences are always thrilled to see their magic attacks, especially at dusk and sunset, when they create a chillingly beautiful (and deadly) green light show. Not only does this magic rain green fire onto the enemy, but with proper concentration from the Mage, it also refortifies the defenses of the friendly team. Among the Centaurs, those who practice these ancient ways of magic are extremely rare. They spend most of their time close to Kron, protecting him from all the wild creatures outside his Citadel.

11. Ant Miners - Common Fire Monster


Kobolds have long been considered the most skilled miners in the land. Their small stature and inherent bravery allows them to squeeze into small and risky spaces, and they are very good with tools. Recently however, the Kobolds have apparently dug too deep into the crust beneath the Molten Mountains. This has allowed an undiscovered race of Fire Ants to breach the surface. These Ants are each about the size of a man’s fist, not large enough individually to pose a threat to anyone, but they are very good at teamwork and they operate through a shared hive mind. The Ant Miners carry tiny tools, which they use to enhance their already-formidable digging skills. They always travel in packs and lines; if you see a line of Ant Miners approaching your home, do not attempt to fight. It’s best to just give up your home.

12. Captain's Ghost - Rare Water Spirit


The Captain of a great pirate ship perished in a battle against Old Frank, one of the most ruthless Sea Monsters of the Splinterlands as his ship was dragged under. While he died, the burning desire for the treasure the Captain was seeking ripped his soul from his body. The Captain simply could not cope with the fact that he would never behold the treasure, so he defied reality and life itself. As his lifeless body sank with the ship, the Ghost of the Captain sprang for the surface and began to wander the Splinterlands, lost and seeking a hopeless treasure that he would never find. After nearly a hundred years of wandering, the Captain has finally chosen to appear in battle at Mount Mox. The mere sight of his ghostly presence is enough for many opponents to collapse in fear.

13. Gloridax Soldier - Rare Dragon Soldier


What the Gloridax call a soldier many of the other armies of the Splinterlands consider a highly specialized master of weaponry, one who wears custom armor and carries into battle all the might and fury of Dragons. Most of the Soldiers are scaled, and some can even fly. The Gloridax also allow dropborn (The alternative to eggborn) to become Soldiers, but of course they always use those ones first in any skirmish.

14. Spirit Druid Grog - Legendary Earth Sorcerer


The most powerful druidic sorcerer in the Splinterlands is called Witch Doctor Grog. He resides in a mud hut outside the earthen gate to the Swamps of the Living Moss. Without the help of the moss, Grog never would have achieved such incredible magical abilities. Now, he has lived among the mud and moss for so long that he can leave the Swamps, taking the entirety of his magic with him. By mixing a variety of wondrous weeds from the Swamps with pieces of various magical creatures and cooking them up in his great iron cauldron, Grog can create spells with truly otherworldly effects. He has even discovered the secret to resurrecting the fallen in battle, but unfortunately, they are not always brought back with their original minds.

There you have it, Splinterfans! 14 brand new Reward cards will be hitting the Loot Chests and subsequently, the markets. Experienced players: Look closely! There are some real game-changers in the bunch, including a new ability called Oppress that allows an attacker to deal double damage to any opponent that cannot attack.

In  Witch Doctor Grog and Bila the Radiant we have 2 new Legendary cards just beginning their Splinterlands journeys. This is always an exciting time!

Remember, you can get these new Reward cards in Loot Chests beginning Monday June 29th. For more details, visit the latest HIVE update post!


See you on the battlefield!

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